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Toyota’s Hydrogen Mirai Takes a Hilarious Spin: A Fuel-Cell Fiesta at the Smart Mobility Africa Summit

Hey there, car enthusiasts and eco-warriors alike! Buckle up because Toyota just pulled off the ultimate hydrogen-powered comedy act at the Smart Mobility Africa Summit, leaving us all in stitches and eco-friendly tears of joy.

Toyota’s Hydrogen Mirai: More Than Just a Fancy Name

Move over, fossil fuels, because Toyota is steering us into the future with their hydrogen Mirai – the James Bond of green vehicles. And guess what? They didn’t just stop at looking fabulous; they brought the party to the Gallagher Convention Centre with an on-road demonstration that had Smart Mobility Africa Summit attendees clapping and laughing like they were at a stand-up comedy show.

A National Commitment with a Dash of Hydrogen Flare

Not only did Toyota dazzle us with their hydrogen-powered chariot, but they also got the local government bigwigs to pledge allegiance to better air quality. It’s like they rolled up to the Summit, handed out hydrogen-infused candy canes, and said, “Let’s clear the air, folks!”

Andrew Kirby: Toyota’s Hydrogen Ringmaster

Meet Andrew Kirby, the President and CEO of Toyota SA Motors, who spilled the beans (and hydrogen, probably) about Toyota’s 30-year love affair with hydrogen-powered vehicles. Over 25,000 fuel cell electric vehicles later, and Toyota is still rocking the green scene. Kirby even took VIPs for a spin in the luxurious Mirai, making sure they had the smoothest, silent, and emission-free ride of their lives.

Hydrogen-Powered Laughs, Courtesy of Sasol and Air Products

Toyota didn’t pull off this comedy special alone. They teamed up with Sasol and Air Products, proving that great comedy is a team effort. Sasol provided the hydrogen, Air Products brought the dispensing technology, and Toyota delivered the punchlines on wheels. The trio formed an epic partnership in 2021 to make hydrogen the rockstar fuel of the future.

VIP Guests: Because Hydrogen is for Celebrities Too

Imagine cruising silently in a hydrogen Mirai with VIPs like Gauteng Premier Panyaza Lesufi and Gauteng MEC for Transport Kedibone Diale Tlabela. That’s like carpooling with the Avengers of sustainability!

No Hydrogen Mirai for You…Yet

Hold your horses, South Africa! While the hydrogen Mirai has hit the local roads, Toyota isn’t ready to throw it into the market just yet. According to Kirby, they need businesses and fleets to commit to the hydrogen revolution before we can all be cruising in style. It’s like waiting for the sequel to your favorite comedy – it’s exciting, but patience is key.

Green Hydrogen: The Pricey Joke

The price of green hydrogen might be up in the air, but one thing’s for sure – it’s all about economies of scale. Get ready for an exciting and demanding journey, because Toyota is here for the long haul.

Hydrogen Propulsion: South Africa’s Eco-Answer?

With South Africa’s unique energy grid and a desperate need for cleaner air, hydrogen might just be the superhero we’ve been waiting for. Move over, Captain Planet; it’s Toyota’s time to shine!

So, folks, buckle up for a hydrogen-powered future that’s not just efficient but downright hilarious. Toyota, take a bow – you’ve just turned the Smart Mobility Africa Summit into the Smart and Sassy Mobility Africa Comedy Special!

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