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Toyota’s Sizzling New Ride: 2024 GR Yaris Spices Things Up with an Automatic Twist

Buckle up, folks, because Toyota is about to drop a hot hatch that’s even spicier than a jalapeño on a summer’s day. According to our friends at the Japanese magazine Best Car, Toyota is cooking up something sensational with their upcoming 2024 GR Yaris. This high-performance subcompact hatchback, part of a mid-cycle refresh, is set to make its grand entrance in the coming months. It’s rumored to be bringing a souped-up engine and some fresh styling to the table. But that’s not all – there’s an automatic twist in the mix. Let’s rev up our engines and delve into this tantalizing scoop.

The Power Play:

First things first, the heart of the matter – the engine. The 2024 GR Yaris is set to be a beast with a turbocharged 1.6-liter engine, and it’s not here to play nice. Brace yourselves for a whopping 224 kW of power and 370 Nm of torque. That’s right, you read it correctly; this little rocket will have more oomph than a caffeinated cheetah. But, hold your horses, or rather, your Yarises, because there’s a twist to this power struggle.

The Yaris GRMN, that unicorn of a car, still has the edge when it comes to torque, boasting a hefty 390 Nm. So, while the 2024 GR Yaris might win the power showdown, it’s not quite the torque king. Nevertheless, it does match the larger GR Corolla, which is already making waves in South Africa with 221 kW and 370 Nm. A spicy family, indeed!


Automatic Awesomeness:

Now, here’s the game-changer – an automatic transmission. Yes, you heard that right; Toyota is finally giving us the option of an automatic gearbox. Say goodbye to the constant foot ballet of the manual transmission and welcome the convenience of an eight-speed automatic. But don’t fret, driving enthusiasts – it’s not just any automatic. This one comes with paddle shifters and a “lock-up system,” which is code for a torque-converter automatic. It’s like having your cake and eating it too, with the icing on top.

More Than Just a Facelift:

The 2024 GR Yaris isn’t just about an engine and a gearbox. Toyota is taking this opportunity to spruce things up in other areas too. Brace yourselves for hardware updates to the suspension and brakes, making this ride even more agile. Plus, they’re cranking up the body rigidity, which means you can expect an even tighter and more responsive driving experience.

On the outside, the GR Yaris will get a makeover with revised bumpers and a larger rear spoiler. This car isn’t just a speed demon; it’s also an attention magnet. Inside, the infotainment screen is getting an upgrade, taking inspiration from its larger sibling, the GR Corolla. You’ll have all the modern tech and connectivity you need to stay entertained on the road.

The Final Lap:

So, when can we expect to see this sizzling new GR Yaris? Well, the buzz is that an official announcement is just around the corner, and production is slated to start early next year. With the 2024 GR Yaris upping the ante in terms of power, transmission, and overall performance, it’s safe to say that this hot hatch is going to set the roads on fire.

Stay tuned, because the 2024 GR Yaris is about to bring a whole lot of flavor to the Toyota lineup. Whether you’re an automotive aficionado or just someone who enjoys a thrilling ride, this little powerhouse is sure to tickle your senses and have you eagerly awaiting its arrival. Toyota’s spice level just got cranked up, and we can’t wait to take a bite of this automotive chili pepper!

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