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Unveiling Maserati’s MC20 Notte: A Nighttime Thrill Ride with a Dash of Celestial Swagger

If you’ve been yearning for a Maserati that’s as elusive as a raccoon in the midnight trash, your wish has just been granted. Maserati is rolling out its MC20 Notte, the first-ever limited edition based on the MC20 supercar. And oh boy, it’s not your average joyride – it’s a cosmic experience.

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Yep, they’ve named it ‘Notte,’ which is Italian for night, and they weren’t kidding around. This bad boy boasts a paint job that lights up the dark like a supernova. Imagine cruising through the streets in a car that’s basically a mobile disco ball, minus the questionable dance moves.

In a world where standing out is the name of the game, Maserati has limited the Notte to just 50 units. Because nothing says exclusivity like knowing you have a ride that’s rarer than a unicorn on roller skates. The exterior is as sleek as it gets, transitioning from a glossy black to a magnetic matte shade called ‘Nero Ezzenza’ when the lights go down. It’s like the Batmobile, but with a subscription to a glow-in-the-dark paint club.

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But the luminous exterior is just the beginning of the Notte’s swanky makeover. The side logos and Maserati badging transform from silver to matte white gold, paying homage to the brand’s racing legacy. The 20-inch ‘birdcage’ alloys and brake calipers? Blacked out, with white and gold accents for that extra touch of opulence. It’s like Maserati took a trip to the future, stole some styling tips, and brought them back just for the Notte.

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Inside, the Notte’s cabin is the epitome of luxury. Alcantara leather, the fancy cousin of regular leather, wraps itself around the black and grey sports seats. Yellow stitching adds a pop of color, making you feel like you’re sitting in a high-end fashion show. And don’t forget the semi-carbon steering wheel because, let’s be honest, a regular steering wheel just wouldn’t cut it in this space-age masterpiece. Plus, each of the 50 units gets its own unique model number between the headrests. Because why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary?

According to Klaus Busse, the design maestro at Maserati, the MC20 Notte is all about celebrating the thrill of racing and the mysterious allure of the night. It’s like a James Bond movie on wheels, minus the espionage and with a lot more flair.

Notte Image: Maserati

Crafted by Maserati’s Fuoriserie division, the wizards behind limited-run models, the MC20 Notte is a canvas of creativity. And it didn’t come together in isolation – they had some heavy hitters on their dream team. Andrea Bertolini, the Trident’s reference driver and former GT1 world champion, teamed up with none other than David Beckham, the global ambassador for the brand. We’re guessing Beckham had a say in those gold accents. After all, who wouldn’t want a touch of golden glamour in their life?

Notte Image: Maserati

Now, before you start worrying that this is all style and no substance, let’s clear the air. The MC20 Notte might look like it just stepped out of a sci-fi movie, but under the hood, it’s the same beast as its non-luminous siblings. The twin-turbocharged V6 is still there, roaring to life with 463 kW and 730 N.m of torque. It can go from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.9 seconds, giving you enough time to question your life choices before the next traffic light.

Currently priced at R6 900 000 for the coupe and R7 820 000 for the open-top Cielo model, the MC20 Notte might not have a confirmed ticket to South Africa. But if it does decide to make an entrance, you can bet it’ll come with a price tag that screams “I’m worth it.”

In conclusion, the MC20 Notte is not just a car; it’s a statement. A statement that says, “I don’t just drive; I illuminate the night with style.” So buckle up, because Maserati’s MC20 Notte is here to turn your midnight drives into a party that even the stars would envy. Time to rev up and glow, baby!

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