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Verge Motorcycles Unveils ‘Starmatter Vision’ Radar Technology for Enhanced Rider Safety

Finnish motorcycle manufacturer Verge Motorcycles has introduced the ‘Starmatter Vision’ technology, aiming to provide a comprehensive 360-degree view around the bike. Unveiled at the 2024 CES show in Las Vegas, this system incorporates front and rear radars, along with six cameras, to offer visual and audible updates to riders during their journeys.

Key Features:

  1. 360-Degree View: Starmatter Vision promises a complete view around the motorcycle for enhanced rider awareness and safety.
  2. Radar Technology: Front and rear radars, combined with six cameras, contribute to the technology, feeding data to a central computer within the bike.
  3. Centralized Processing: The central computer processes data from various sensors on the motorcycle, adapting to individual riding styles.
  4. Alerts and Assistance: The system provides visual and audible alerts for potential hazards, including cars, animals, or pedestrians. Blind Spot Assistance is activated with turn indicators, offering a live camera feed on the dash.
  5. Bluetooth Connectivity: The Ultra model’s Bluetooth connectivity allows riders to connect to the motorcycle, enabling audible prompts and features like listening to music through the bike.
  6. Spatial Audio: The system utilizes spatial audio, providing directional sound alerts to riders based on the position of potential hazards.
  7. Over-the-Air Updates: Starmatter Vision can receive over-the-air updates, ensuring the potential for continuous improvement and additional features.
  8. Future Possibilities: Verge Motorcycles sees the technology as a blank canvas, anticipating further advancements and pushing the boundaries of machine vision in motorcycles.

The ‘Starmatter Vision’ technology is set to be available exclusively on Verge Motorcycles’ top-tier model, the Verge TS Ultra electric bike. The system is designed to enhance rider safety by offering advanced hazard detection and situational awareness.

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