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5 Ingredient Caramel Cheese Cake

Introducing the “Five-Ingredient Caramel Cheese Cake Extravaganza!” Got a hankering for a bite-sized, sweet delight? Well, buckle up, because we’ve got a lightning-fast and hilariously simple recipe that’ll satisfy your insatiable sweet tooth. Let’s get ready to create a dessert masterpiece with only five ingredients!


Ingredients (Drumroll, please):

Three blissfully oblivious Mari biscuits

10 grams of unsalted butter (for that touch of “I-don’t-care-about-my-arteries” goodness)

100 grams of cream cheese (because life’s too short for anything less)

1 tablespoon of icing sugar (aka powdered dreams)

20 grams of salted caramel sauce (for that salty, sweet, and emotionally conflicted feeling)

And for the grand finale, don’t forget:

Small fudge pieces (for the visual razzle-dazzle)

A pinch of “core” salt (because we’re all about that deep, philosophical flavor)



Now, let’s roll up our sleeves and dive into this epic culinary adventure:

The Marvelous Making-It-Happen Process:

Gather your unsuspecting biscuits and introduce them to the zip lock bag. Show ’em who’s boss and crush them into crumbly submission. They won’t see it coming!

Take that butter and give it a little nudge towards melting (or let it throw itself into the melting pot). Once it’s all gooey and carefree, blend it into your crumbled biscuits until they form a delightful, buttery alliance.

Grab your trusty small pot and invite the biscuit-butter coalition to the party. Together, they’ll make a glorious, even, and totally flattened biscuit base. Diplomacy at its finest.

In another bowl, bring together the cream cheese, icing sugar (the sweet-talker), and the salted caramel sauce (the wildcard) for a rendezvous. Whisk them until they’re as smooth as a secret agent in a tuxedo.

Pour this luscious mixture atop your obedient biscuit base. Smoothen it out like you’re giving it a comforting backrub.

Now, it’s time for the dramatic finale – pour more caramel sauce on top of the cream cheese mix. Spread it around like it’s a top-secret treasure map, and make it as smooth as a super-spy’s alibi.

Channel your inner artist and decorate the top of this mini-masterpiece with small caramel pieces and a sprinkle of “core” salt. It’s the pièce de résistance!

Stick your creation in the fridge and let it chill out for 30 minutes while it contemplates its life choices.

After the chill session, your dessert is ready for its moment in the spotlight. Dive in and enjoy your little bowl of sweet heaven. You’ve just created a dessert worthy of an Oscar nomination!



So, there you have it, the Five-Ingredient Caramel Cheese Cake Extravaganza – a culinary masterpiece that’s as easy to make as it is to devour. Bon appétit, sweet tooth adventurers!

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