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Active Sushi: Redefining Dining with a Sushi Extravaganza & Bottomless Options

In the year 2008, Active Sushi burst onto the scene like a ninja in a sushi apron, ready to roll (literally). These folks weren’t just sushi enthusiasts; they were sushi enthusiasts on a mission to redefine the entire dining experience. Their goal? To make it a dining extravaganza that would be memorable, intimate, and elegant, like a fancy soirée with seaweed wraps.


Imagine you’re at Active Sushi, and suddenly, you’re whisked away to another dimension. It’s a realm where the clock ticks in perfect harmony with your taste buds, and every moment is as precious as a pearl in an oyster. It’s like Narnia, but with more soy sauce.



Sushi had always held a special place in their hearts, right next to the love for witty sushi puns and an affinity for those tiny soy sauce fish. They were smitten by the sheer variety of ingredients and the artful mastery of sushi preparation techniques. It’s like falling in love with a magician who pulls sashimi out of a hat.

Active Sushi is the sushi joint that’s redefining the art of the all-you-can-eat feast. They’ve got not one, not two, but three mind-blowing sushi options, each priced between R200 to R400. It’s like a sushi Olympics for your wallet. You won’t believe your eyes when you see the sheer variety of sushi options available. It’s a sushi smorgasbord that’ll have your taste buds staging a revolt, demanding more.


But hold on to your chopsticks, because there’s a twist – you’ve got 90 minutes to indulge in this bottomless sushi extravaganza. It’s like a thrilling race against time, where sushi is both the prize and the finish line. And let’s face it, 90 minutes is more than enough to stuff your face with sushi worth its weight in gold.


For those who aren’t in the mood to dive face-first into a mountain of sushi, fear not! Active Sushi is your sushi fairy godmother, offering an impressive variety of poke bowls, ramen, and miso soup. It’s like they’ve got a secret treasure chest of flavors waiting to explode in your mouth.



Active Sushi has mastered the art of sushi indulgence. This is the place where you can eat your weight in sushi and still leave with your wallet intact. Don’t miss out on this sushi spectacular – it’s the kind of deal that’ll have your wallet and your taste buds high-fiving each other.

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