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Discover Culinary Delights in a Fusion of Sub-Saharan African, Mexican, and Peruvian Flavors at a Cozy Oasis on Bree Street

Picture this: a place where the culinary stars align for the whimsical explorer in you, and where sharing a meal becomes an art form. Welcome to a land where your food comes when it’s good and ready, straight from the fiery embrace of cooking coals. As you embark on this gastronomic adventure, prepare to be astounded by a menu that’s as concise as a telegram but as bold as a rhinoceros on roller skates.

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The shared-plate menu is the beacon of simplicity, and it graciously allows you to sample a smorgasbord of flavors. From askoek (that’s ash bread, folks) with a sidekick of whipped chicken fat butter to tender lamb ribs donning a tuxedo of black pepper yoghurt – this is a culinary circus that caters to all tastes.

While they may claim to be “Sub-Saharan African” in their approach, the experience leans more towards a fusion of Mexican and Peruvian zest, both in the offerings and the decor. Think of it as the culinary equivalent of a llama sporting a sombrero.


The sharing plates are so divine that you might find yourself competing with your dining companion for every last morsel. Imagine leeks slow-dancing over a wood coal grill, entwined with grilled mushrooms and velvety cheddar, serenaded by a zesty lemony crumb. Or a beef rib-eye steak locking arms with a feisty chimichurri that’ll make your taste buds do the tango. And who can resist the siren call of crispy squid, cavorting with blistered grapes, almonds, and Italian guanciale, making a crunch so loud it drowns out your thoughts?


Dessert? Sure, they’ve got it, though options are as rare as a unicorn on a Tuesday. But don’t miss the cinnamon-dusted Spanish churros, ready to take the plunge into a velvety pumpkin butterscotch dipping pool. Dive in with the enthusiasm of a child at an ice cream parlor.


As for libations, the beverage menu is as concise as a tweet from a verbose celebrity, offering you a delightful selection of tequila and mezcal-based cocktails. They’re crafted with more care than a ship in a bottle, and they have cold Boma beers on tap for those who prefer to keep it classic. The wine list is a carefully curated symphony that plays something for every palate, whether you want a sip or a whole serenade.

The service here is as laid-back as a cat in the sun, with staff donning safari attire to guide you through the menu and beverage choices. They’ll even share their personal favorites, so you can eat like a well-informed explorer.


And, when you arrive, look for the radiant cactus beacon that marks the entrance to this culinary oasis on Bree Street. Once inside, you’ll be greeted by a hostess who’s all smiles, and the quirky, earthy-toned decor will wrap you in a cozy embrace. From cacti to colts rearing towards each other and horseshoes overhead, it’s a visual spectacle that might just distract you from your meal. But hey, who needs deep thoughts when you’re feasting in this whimsical wonderland?

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