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Discover Camps Bay’s Pottery Oasis: Art, Food, and Fun Galore

Nestled amidst the vibrant Camps Bay beachfront stands the fourth national treasure of Pottery. Their spot in Camps Bay isn’t just a spot—it’s a full-blown destination that demands attention.This isn’t your regular pottery joint; they’ve concocted an experience that’ll knock your socks off. It’s a family affair, where every visitor becomes part of their crazy pottery clan. Leave the city craziness behind and let your soul soak in some enrichment.


They’ve got more than just pottery; think wild nights, lip-smacking cocktails, and scrumptious meals. Expect a dose of fun and laughter throughout your visit.



Now, let’s dive into the culinary wonderland they offer! Picture this: pizzas so authentic, you’ll start speaking Italian involuntarily. Their bagels? A bite of bliss that’ll have New Yorkers envious. And those toasted sandwiches? They taste like they’ve been made with grandma’s love.But wait, there’s more! Wraps that refresh your taste buds like a cool ocean breeze, breakfast options for every appetite—healthy or hearty—and let’s not forget about the milkshakes that taste as if they’ve been beamed down from the Milky Way.


And all this while you’re unleashing your inner Picasso on their Wonki Ware™ creations! Design your plate, sip on a thick smoothie, and let your creativity take flight.Watch their artisans in action as they dip, glaze, and fire up the pottery right in their own kilns. And hey, within a week or so, they’ll ring you up to claim your masterpiece—worth more than just sentimental value, who knows?


Prices? Ranging from R150 to R600, inclusive of all the painting and firing. Expect imperfections—cracks that make these pieces even more gorgeous. Imperfections? Embrace them; they’re part of the charm!Wonki Ware™ is a South African gem, loved by celeb chefs like Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver, and even endorsed by the fabulous Cindy Crawford.



Their collection? It’s a mix of timeless tableware and vibrant decorative items, all crafted by hand. Every single piece, from wheel to table, passes through the hands of 14 talented artisans.And here’s the kicker: their team of 100 skilled potters in the Garden Route factory, many from disadvantaged backgrounds, have turned Di Marshall’s passion into an art form. Talk about empowering creativity!


Wonki Ware™ pottery—a celebration of imperfection and unique charm, locally made, with stories baked into each piece through their firing and glazing process.Oh, and did I mention? Live music—twice a month! Keep an eye on their socials for updates. Drop by 41 The Dr, Camps Bay, Cape Town, and let the pottery magic unfold amidst a feast fit for the gods!

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