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Unveiling Chapter Two: Fable Cocktail Bar’s Legendary Drinks Inspired by Local Myths and Masterful Mixology

Once upon a time, in the mystical realm of Cape Town, a group of individuals with an uncanny obsession for cocktail culture and a determination to bring the world’s finest bars to our dear Cape Town decided to embark on an epic quest. Inspired by the city’s ever-so-dynamic spirit (because who needs a boring and static spirit, right?), they set forth to craft a one-of-a-kind oasis where locals and tourists could revel in the sorcery of our cocktails and the heart-pounding rhythm of Cape Town’s nightlife.


Behold, the birth of Fable, where their concoctions were conjured from local myths and legends, as if the bartenders were modern-day alchemists. These libations were not just drinks but grand tales in a glass, each narrating a story as riveting as a Netflix series.



With their sorcerous bartenders and mystical DJs, Fable managed to whip up an atmosphere so electrifying that even the most introverted souls couldn’t resist the pull. Patrons kept returning, addicted to this magical domain, for Fable’s promise was simple: “Come, experience our enchanting world of cocktails.”


They’re now unveiling Chapter Two of their fabled cocktails, which they claim to be inspired by local fables. These signature drinks are hailed as masterpieces, meticulously conjured from the depths of mixology. Like the fables they worship, these drinks unfold in four parts over four seasons, promising new flavors and complexity with each twist of the story. Yes, cocktails as compelling as the most epic tales of old!



So whether you’re a seasoned cocktail aficionado or just an average Joe looking for a night to remember (or forget), Fable beckons. From their renowned happy hour specials to their signature concoctions, you’re in for a night you’ll either cherish or struggle to recall the next day. At Fable Cocktail Bar, they grasp the profound importance of munchies to keep the night alive. Therefore, they’ve lovingly curated a menu of delectable nibbles, designed to dance harmoniously with their bewitching cocktails. They’ve taken the essence of their bar and transferred it to their kitchen, creating a menu that mirrors their unwavering commitment to extraordinary flavors. Their dishes, much like legendary sagas, are conceived with rich and gratifying flavors, promising culinary tales as legendary as their legendary cocktails.


Prepare to be amazed by this feast of culinary wonders, a storytelling experience that’ll leave you pondering the mystical mysteries of Fable.

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