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Grub & Vine: Your Exquisite Culinary Haven on Bree Street, Cape Town

Nestled snugly at 103 Bree St, right in the heart of Cape Town City Centre, you’ll uncover the gastronomic gem that is Grub & Vine. Indulge in refined bistro-style goodness and the finest wines at Grub & Vine. Nestled in the heart of Cape Town’s bustling food scene on Bree Street, they dish out an exquisite culinary experience by Chef Matt Manning. Picture a cozy, welcoming haven for food enthusiasts.


They firmly believe in the inseparable union of delectable dishes and exceptional wines. Their menu, compact and ever-changing, champions honest, fresh cooking. And oh, their wine list! It flaunts the best local talents alongside carefully selected global gems.



Step into Grub & Vine and witness the marriage of great food and fantastic wine, as Chef Matt Manning warmly welcomes you. Plus, accolades? They bagged the Best Short List award at the 2023 Star Wine List for their curated selection under 200 references. Impressive, right?


Now, sneak away from the bustling main dining hub into the Green Room, a lush escape adorned with greenery and chic decor. Perfect for cozy dates or intimate gatherings, it flaunts a quaint outdoor courtyard and a private bar.


Hungry? They’ve got menus ranging from seasonal tastings to the Menu Du Jour. And wine? It’s a treasure trove—small batches, special vintages, and unique imports curated by the dedicated team. Both menus and wines constantly dance with change, ensuring an exciting visit every time.


Eager for events? They’ve got Christmas and New Year’s Eve covered with unique dining experiences. As for their schedule, they strive to pamper guests from brunch to dinner, although even they need a breather on Sundays.



Reservations are encouraged, but fear not, walk-ins are welcome. In case seating’s tight, enjoy a cocktail in The Blue Room or savor a glass of vino at Culture, their chic wine bar. Oh, and they have a dietary menu too! Just give them a heads-up when booking.


But wait, there are rules: a deposit secures dinner reservations, cancellations need a 48-hour heads-up, and a 12% service charge bids adieu on the final bill. That’s Grub & Vine—where laughter and indulgence meet, and where your taste buds throw a party!

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