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Knysna’s Social Eatery & Bar: A Satirical Ode to Culinary Convergence

Social Eatery & Bar

Keep it Social!

Behold the marvel that is Social Eatery & Bar, a pinnacle of social prowess in the realm of Knysna. A gathering ground where they throw open their doors to one and all—be it distinguished guests or the locals of Knysna—who converge in the name of revelry over genuine local victuals, artisanal brews, and splendid South African wines procured from peculiar and self-sufficient estates. The ambiance boasts an avant-garde aesthetic, the tunes oscillate between timeless classics and the hippest beats, and the cuisine is designed for sheer delight—uncomplicated, flavorsome menus conjured by their Executive Chef, Grant Ludski, employing ingredients sourced locally. Commence your day with wholesome and hearty breakfasts served daily. For lighter repasts, partake in café-style lunches and bar nibbles in their Bar Lounge or on the sun deck with pool panoramas. As night falls, relish a humble burger and fries affair with the kinfolk or opt for an intimate three-course dinner for two, accompanied by a special South African vintage.



Their exclusive dining enclave accommodates up to 16 patrons in a cellar-themed chamber, adorned with a barrel-vaulted brick ceiling and bespoke wooden and leather furnishings. Ideal for petite family feasts, jubilant occasions, morning rendezvous, or even a corporate confab, the venue boasts uniqueness and seclusion, complete with its private balcony and comprehensive audio-visual amenities. The Social Bar beckons as an alluring haven for relaxation throughout the day, but the true magic unfolds during sundown on the outdoor lounge or sun deck. Imbibe the crisp offerings of local Red Bridge Brewing Co. craft beer, explore the gin aficionado’s paradise with their specialty gin & tonic menu, or delve into a curated selection of unconventional and rare South African wines housed in their glassed wine cellar. Leveraging the La Verre de Vin™ wine preservation system, they graciously extend the majority of their meticulously chosen wine array by the glass. The wines showcased on their list hail from a fusion of time-honored South African Wine Estates and trailblazing vintners traversing diverse regions, crafting wines that garner acclaim on the global stage.



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