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Sea Food Lapa: A Culinary Journey from Miramar Hotel to Modern Gastronomy Delights – New Menu Launch November 2023

The illustrious history of Sea Food Lapa is a tale as epic as the seven seas, with a pinch of dramatic flair. Long before the roads, traffic lights, and honking cars became a daily symphony, this establishment was already standing tall, like a wise old sage. Imagine it – in the days of yore, it wasn’t a restaurant but a grand hotel, known as the Miramar Hotel. But, you know, rebranding is the spice of life, and it underwent more transformations than a chameleon at a rainbow convention.


Fast forward to the modern era, the name Sea Food Lapa emerged about a decade ago, and we’ve come to adore it. It’s like the climax of a reality show – from De Melk Bos to Macaw, then Beach Front Bistro, and finally, the pièce de résistance, Sea Food Lapa.



This restaurant, which has witnessed more change than a chameleon at a disco, has stood proudly since 1990. It’s a family-owned venture that has grown into an extravagant palace of gastronomy. Step inside, and you’ll discover a downstairs bar, an indoor dining area, complete with a sushi bar, plus the outside boasts two smoking areas and an upstairs bar. You’ll be dazzled by the choices, as they offer everything from pizza to steak, sushi to prego rolls, burgers, and, of course, seafood. There’s even room for the vegetarians, with options like pizza and sushi.


The atmosphere? As casual as your favorite pair of pajamas, but with an irresistible vibe. It’s like dining inside a perpetual fiesta, where you can eat, laugh, and probably dance on your way out.



But wait, there’s more! Brace yourself for the most anticipated event of the year – a new menu launch on November 1, 2023. Keep your eyes peeled for the latest culinary wonders.


The owner, a true culinary maestro, is the heart and soul of this family-run institution. He not only loves food and cooking but has a knack for working with people, welcoming both old regulars and newbies with open arms. He’ll make you feel like a cherished member of the family, as any good restaurant owner should. Bon appétit!

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