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Soup Revolution: Nourishing Communities with Mother City Kitchen’s Nutritious Initiative

Discover the epic journey of a brewery owner, Andre Viljoen, who stumbled upon a dazzling idea during the wild COVID lockdown of March 2020. They realized their colossal cookers could whip up more than just brews; soup became the star! It was a time of alcohol restrictions, but creativity knew no bounds.



Enthusiastic souls joined in, wielding knives to chop veggies and spread soup love across impoverished corners of Cape Town. Soon, the grand idea caught fire, attracting corporate champs like Premier Brands (cue Blue Ribbon bread) and The Allan & Gill Gray Philanthropy Initiative. Momentum surged, and before they knew it, Mother Soup outgrew the brewery, passing the ladle to the non-profit ace GCU, seasoned in serving schools and communities for two decades.


In a bold move, they snagged factory space in late 2021 and geared up with their industrial cookers. Behold, the birth of Mother City Kitchen! The grand opening hit mid-2022, dishing out nutritious soups and more, every single day. Want to know more? Dive into ‘what we do.’


Their dream? Spread this slick model far and wide, birthing City Kitchens across South Africa and beyond. With GCU & Mother City Kitchen wielding the power to issue S18A donation certificates, the goal is clear: nourish communities in need across Cape Town with hearty, mass-produced meals. Think bulk, nutritious soups supporting healthier communities.


Enter the holistic realm. They nourish not just with food but with sustainable solutions, collaborating with communities, especially in early childhood development spots and schools. It’s all about fueling young minds to flourish.



Efficiency is their middle name. Those industrial cookers crank out massive soup batches at a low cost per unit. It’s all about that sweet economy of scale in their factory.


Their recipes? Crafted by nutrition wizards and culinary maestros. Each spoonful packs a punch, enriched with proteins and healthy fats, creating the nutritional equivalent of a balanced feast. Oh, and thanks to the pals at Blue Ribbon, every meal comes with a loaf of bread. They’re all ears for food donations nearing expiry or discounted rates. Supplier? Ring them up!


Growth is on their menu. They crave to expand and replicate this magic model, sprinkling City Kitchens far and wide. Catch their progress on social media; it’s a rollercoaster worth riding

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