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St Francis Bay’s Ultimate Waterside Retreat: The Quays Restaurant Unveiled

Looking for a primo spot? Look no further than The Quays Restaurant nestled snugly alongside the Canals in St Francis Bay. It’s like they planted themselves perfectly for folks to lounge on their wooden decks, sipping drinks while spying on the water’s shenanigans. Oh, and they’ve even got this fancy new “Beach area” where you can plop down with your tootsies in the sand.


Think of The Quays as your chilled-out oasis. They’re all about that relaxed vibe, serving up icy cold cocktails and brews while their menu flaunts a smorgasbord of tasty treats. And let’s not forget their awesome crew—they’re basically the superheroes of great service.



Kids? Pets? They’ve got it covered. There’s a play area for the little ones and they’re pet-friendly. It’s like a playground for everyone!


You’ll be swooning over The Quays’ snazzy, classy look—fresh and vibrant vibes all around. Mae and Chantel, the new owners, are like the hosts with the mosts, always ready to roll out the welcome mat for guests.



This joint is not just a restaurant; it’s the heart and soul of the St Francis Bay Canals. They’re all about giving you that cozy, homey feel. It’s like they’re saying, “Hey, kick back, bring the fam, and soak up our St Francis Bay magic.” They’re the waterfront wizards of this place!


Psst, they’re open every day from 11:00 to 22:00. Swing by at 15 Sea Glades Dr, Sea Vista, St Francis Bay for your slice of paradise!

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