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Conquer Colossal Flavors at The NOB: Cape Town’s Home of Giant Gourmet Burgers and Legendary Chips

Step aside, puny burgers, because The NOB is here to serve up colossal beefy behemoths that could satisfy even a giant’s appetite – or an entire town’s for that matter. These bad boys are more stuffed than a Thanksgiving turkey, featuring meats so succulent you’d think they were raised on a spa vacation. From the tenderest deboned chicken thigh to pure beef patties and the freshest veggie patty, each bite is like a flavour explosion that makes your taste buds throw a standing ovation.


But the burger’s size? Well, it’s so ginormous it makes “yo mamma” jokes look like dad jokes. You won’t be cracking any “yo mamma” jokes after this meal; you’ll be too busy trying to conquer your colossal burger mountain.



The NOB doesn’t just hand you a burger; they hand you a burger-making adventure. With a variety of choices, they’ll make your burger dreams come to life, bursting with more flavour than a comedy club on open mic night. And why the name “The NOB”? Because they’re the “No Ordinary Burger,” and trust us, that’s not false advertising. These burgers are so extraordinary they make regular burgers look like mere sidekicks.


And let’s not forget their legendary chips. These crispy delights are the burger’s trusty sidekick, adding to The NOB’s burger-excellence legacy. It’s like the ultimate superhero duo, with the burger as the main hero and the chips as the quirky sidekick.



So, round up your appetite, strap on your bib, and head on down to The NOB located at 2 Niagara Road Tyger Lake Building, Bellville Cape Town. They’ve got the biggest, baddest burgers you’ve ever laid eyes on, and your taste buds are in for a wild ride. Prepare for a burger experience that’ll make your stomach and your heart (and your taste buds) swell with joy.

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