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Experience Hermanus: A Whirlwind of Delights at the Pet-Friendly Country Market

Step right up to the Hermanus Country Market, where everything Hermanus has to offer comes together in a pet-friendly frenzy – the ultimate Saturday shindig (especially for the weekend warriors). Behold, the paradise of sausages, pies, cheeses fancier than a monocle, pastries that’d make a French chef weep, and enough liquids to rival Poseidon’s stash: juices, beers, wines, gin, and coffee so good it might just solve life’s mysteries.



As if that’s not enough, we’ve got DJs spinning vinyls like it’s the soundtrack to a quirky ’80s movie, surrounded by arts and crafts that’ll make you question your artistic prowess. Oh, and before you go, you simply can’t depart without diving into a melktert or five, accompanied by a cup of coffee that’s practically enlightenment in a mug.


Pssst, a little insider tip: Check out the Hermanus Skatepark, the hip hangout that rose from lockdown funds. Need an energy outlet? The Overberg BMX Club’s track is right next door, so you can burn off that caffeine-induced frenzy.



Circle it in red on your calendar: Saturdays, 9 am to 2 pm – because missing this would be like turning down free coffee in a desert!

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