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Greyton’s Sensory Extravaganza: Saturday Morning Market Delights Await

Discover the enchanting buzz of Greyton every Saturday from 10am to noon! Prepare for a sensory fiesta at the Market Square where locals and eager travelers converge for the weekly extravaganza. Brace yourself for an epicurean adventure – your fridge will thank you! Dive into preservative-free cheeses in a myriad of flavors, farm-fresh butter, tantalizing jams, and an assortment of freshly baked breads. Fresh organic veggies and seedlings await, encouraging your inner gardener. Plus, support neighboring towns with spices and olive delights from Villiersdorp!



But wait, there’s more! When the irresistible aromas beckon, your taste buds will rejoice. Indulge in East-inspired samosas and rotis or join the queue for the legendary pancake stall. Patience pays off with lemon curd or cinnamon-filled pancakes paired with fresh lemon ice cream. The menu keeps going – from lemon cordial to bacon and egg rolls and duck and cherry pies. Greyton’s market is a feast for the senses, indeed!


And it’s not just your belly that gets attention – let your imagination run wild at the arts and crafts section. Hand-stitched bookmarks, exquisite calligraphy cards, and an array of artisanal creations await, from hessian hats to bio-remedies and fragrant essential oils.



Join the movement! The market champions local businesses and noble causes. Browse the Greyton Red Cross’s second-hand book stall or visit the Animal Welfare booth to potentially find a furry friend. Sip on freshly brewed coffee while mingling with the locals. It’s a hub of connections and stories – whether you’re a seasoned local catching up on the gossip or a newbie seeking Greyton tips and tales. Amidst the village’s culinary wonders, the Saturday Morning Market is an unmissable gem.

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