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Riding Waves and Hidden Canals: Cape Town’s Stand-Up Paddle Boarding Adventure

Prepare for an adventure that ticks off your bucket list! Ever heard of stand-up paddle boarding (SUPing)? It’s the ocean’s hottest ticket in Cape Town this holiday season. Think of it as the ultimate thrill ride on water, allowing you to navigate the V&A Waterfront’s secret waterways, glide through canals and lakes, and catch ocean views from a whole new perspective. What’s more? It’s open to everyone! Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, the pace is entirely in your hands.



When it’s SUP time in Cape Town, you’ve got options: glide under the wing of a seasoned SUP instructor (ideal for first-timers) or forge your own path (great for experienced paddlers).


Muizenberg’s waters are a paradise for wave-chasers on their SUP boards, while the serene spots beyond the breakers at Clifton and Camps Bay Beach offer jaw-dropping scenery. If you’re easing into SUP life, exploring hidden canals, waterways, and lakes with skilled guides promises a laid-back experience you won’t soon forget.



Quick heads-up: SUPing may look chill from the shore, but once you’re standing on those hefty boards, it’s a balancing act like no other. You’ll be engaging those core muscles in ways you never imagined! But hey, all that effort just adds to the thrill of stand-up paddle boarding in Cape Town. It’s a full-body adventure that’ll leave you grinning from ear to ear!

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