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Wednesday Waves Dance Experience: Get Your Groove On in Simon’s Town

Hey there, fellow movers and shakers! Get ready to shimmy, sway, and disco your way into bliss at Wednesday Waves starting January 17, 2024, at 6:30 PM. They’re turning the Simon’s Town Town Hall into the hottest dance spot in the South Peninsula every week!


Forget about your typical dance classes – this is their chance to bust a move and connect with their inner rhythm in a conscious dance practice that’s all about them. It’s like meditation, but with their feet tapping and hips swaying to a carefully crafted playlist that’s pure magic for their body and soul.



No need for fancy footwork or previous experience – just bring their enthusiasm and a willingness to let loose!


Oh, and here’s the deal – they can snag their ticket early for only R120 (via Webtickets), but if they prefer the spontaneous route, it’s R150 at the door. Want to commit to the groove? Go for the monthly pass at R400 (available through Webtickets or at the door). Doors swing open at 6:15 PM, so they can stretch, shake off the day, and get their vibes aligned before they kick off at 6:30 PM sharp.



Got any burning questions or just want to chat about dance moves? They can reach out to them anytime – they’re here for them!Join them on the dance floor – it won’t just be a toe-tapping experience; it’ll be a soul-stirring, body-rocking, Wednesday night extravaganza!


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