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Unlock the Groove: Corona Sunsets Festival Cape Town 2024

Hey Party Lovers! Get ready to ride the cosmic wave as the Corona Sunsets Festival World Tour hits Cape Town, South Africa, on April 6, 2024! Buckle up for an intergalactic adventure that’s out of this world—think art, music, and dance, oh my!


So, you know how they say we find our true selves when we dive into the wonders of the world? Well, imagine embracing art like it owes you money, grooving to beats that make you question your dance moves, and reveling in the symphony of life. Yep, they’ve got it all figured out!



Let’s Celebrate:

• Disconnect (from the mundane, not Wi-Fi)

• Reconnect (with your funky self)

• Nourish (your taste buds)

• Transform (into a dancing unicorn)

• Commune (with fellow groove enthusiasts)

• Travel (through sound waves)

• Nature (because, why not?)


Save the date: Saturday, April 6, 2024 Time: 12 pm – 10 pm Where: The Glen Country Club Field, Clifton, Cape Town Line-up: Mystery unfolds—stay tuned!


Hold onto your festival hats; we’ve got a smorgasbord of activities for you: Mixology (cocktail magic) • Hammocks (for a mid-dance nap) • Dance (like everyone’s watching) • Gourmet Delights (more than just festival food) • Screen Printing (because tie-dye is timeless) • Drum Circles (make some noise) • Dazzling Jewellery (sparkle like a disco ball) • Mesmerizing Weaving (crafty fun) • and a whole lot more…


Time to snag those General Tickets before they vanish into the festival abyss:

Wave 1: R395 Wave 1 (Early Birds): R420 with 2 x Free Corona’s if you’re fashionably early before 2 pm!

Wave 2: R550

Wave 3: R650

Wave 4: R850



Level up your festival game with Terrace Packages: Secure a spot on the Bungalow terrace for unobstructed views, VIP table tickets, and service—all for R15,000 (that’s 10 people living their best lives).


Embark on a wild adventure with Nature Packages: Dive into the vibrant city of Cape Town, where the Corona Sunsets Festival will unleash its magic. Picture celebrating tied to the cycles of the seasons and the power of the sun. More deets coming your way, stay tuned…


Psst! Cashless is the cool way to roll this year. Top-up your festival wristband online through your Howler account after grabbing your tickets.


Don’t be left out of the #CoronaSunsets spectacle! Tickets are flying off the digital shelves at Sorry, young guns under 18, this one’s a grown-ups-only fiesta.

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