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Ultimate Guide to Close Encounter Whale Watching in the Indian Ocean: Book Your Adventure Now


Let’s dive into the deep blue and meet the majestic ocean giants that call the Indian Ocean their home. These migratory celebrities of the sea, the Southern Right and Humpback whales, show off their fancy moves and take care of their little ones from June to November each year. It’s like their own version of a yearly acrobatic extravaganza!

Now, getting up close and personal with these massive creatures is no small feat. It requires some next-level skills and a deep understanding of whale psychology. The folks behind the wheel know the deal; they’ve got to follow strict rules set by the permit, and they respect that the whales are the true bosses of the ocean.


Trip Details:

Duration: 1 ½ to 2 Hours

Trips depart 3 times a day (weather & sea conditions permitting)

You need at least 4 people for a party

But don’t bring the whole neighborhood; max 25 people per trip

The vessel of choice is the mighty Odysseus Power Cat

They’ve got an easy-to-find Thesen Island Blue Flag Marina jetty at Thesen Harbour Town, TH22 Long St, Thesen Island, Knysna

And just in case you get lost at sea, they have a whale spotter on the lookout to guide the captain



RATES (Valid from December 1, 2022, to November 30, 2023):

Adults: R1 365.00 per person

Kids under 12 years: R1 085.00 per pint-sized person



Daily departures at 09h30 | 12h00 | 15h00

But wait, there’s more! Let’s make this adventure even smoother.


Some Tips and Tricks to make your adventure easier:

Seasickness SOS:

You don’t want your oceanic escapade to turn into a vomit comet, do you? Motion sickness meds to the rescue! You can find these magical pills at most pharmacies or even get prescription strength from your doc. Just remember to pop ’em a few hours before setting sail because once the boat’s rocking, it’s too late for that magic potion.

If you’re feeling queasy on the high seas, try these life-saving tricks:

Munch on crackers and sip ginger ale; it’s like a bubbly lifesaver

Stare at the horizon – it’s like a stable, non-moving TV screen for your brain

Hunt for whales and other critters; nothing distracts queasiness like spotting majestic sea creatures. Trust us, it works!


Fill Up That Belly:

Don’t skip breakfast or lunch before the trip, thinking an empty stomach equals smooth sailing. Nope, that’s a recipe for seasick disaster. Chow down on some good carbs and skip the fatty, fried stuff.


Stay Hydrated:

You might think you’re surrounded by water, but that doesn’t count. Keep hydrated with water or ginger ale but skip the sugar-laden drinks. They’ll hand you a bottle of water before you set sail.



Stay Toasty:

Remember, it’s colder out there on the ocean. Dress in layers and bring extra clothes. If it’s raining, they’ve got waterproof ponchos, and for those chilly days, they’ve got cozy blankets.


Shade Those Peepers:

The sun is no joke on the water. Protect your precious eyeballs with shades to shield them from the dazzling ocean glare.


No Bad Seats Here:

Front row? Back row? Middle row? Who cares! There’s no VIP seating when whales are involved. The boat is small enough that every seat is a front-row seat. Whales are like surprise guests; they pop up wherever they please. The expert crew knows how to give you the best view and photo ops.


Kids on Deck:

They love having kiddos on board to teach them about the ocean. However, it’s not a good idea for tiny tots under 2 years old. They need to stay seated, and the parents or guardians need to keep an eye on them. Running around and making a ruckus is a no-no. Let’s keep it safe and fun for everyone!


So, there you have it – the inside scoop on getting up close and personal with those ocean celebrities, the whales. It’s a whale of a time you won’t want to miss!

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