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The Old Biscuit Mill Market: The Neighbourgoods Market

Welcome to the quirky heart of Woodstock, where a bunch of talented folks gather to strut their stuff, share their passions, and maybe even indulge in a bit of showboating. It’s all happening at the Old Biscuit Mill, a place that’s more vibrant than a parrot’s feathers after a paintball battle.

This magical wonderland is bursting at the seams with all sorts of exciting attractions. There are swanky office spaces, snazzy workshops, designer stores that are fancier than a flamingo in a top hat, and restaurants so decadent they make Willy Wonka’s factory look like a lemonade stand. But that’s not all, my friends! You’ll also find food stalls that’ll make your taste buds do the cha-cha, and an inspiring lineup of day and night markets, festivals, and productions that’ll leave you thinking, “Did I just step into a carnival on steroids?”



So, what are you waiting for? Come on down to the Old Biscuit Mill and rub shoulders with South Africa’s creative geniuses—designers, artists, photographers, and those connoisseurs of fine taste and décor who can tell the difference between beige and “burnt sienna.”

Oh, and let’s not forget the “Mill,” as the cool kids call it. It’s got more charm than a pirate’s parrot, and it’s been Cape Town’s sweetheart for over a decade now. During the week, you can park your chariot inside the Mill, but on Saturdays, things get a bit wild thanks to the Neighbourgoods Market, which takes over the parking like it’s throwing a parking party. So, leave your horse-drawn carriage at home and hop into an Uber, Taxify, or take the MyCiti Bus (route 261, conveniently parked just outside the Mill) to save yourself from parking chaos.

And here’s a tip: Every Saturday, you can park securely at the College of Cape Town, right across from the Mill, for a mere R10 all day long. It’s a deal sweeter than a candy shop in a candy factory.



But the fun doesn’t end there. Every Saturday and Sunday, starting at the crack of 9 AM, come rain or shine, the Neighbourgoods Market transforms the Old Biscuit Mill into a bustling hub of local artisans, designers, and foodies. It’s like a treasure trove of cool stuff! Clothes, food, art—you name it, they’ve got it. It’s the perfect place to take your family, your friends, or that special someone for an outing.

When it comes to food, they’ve got it all—burgers, waffles, pizza, vegan, vegetarian, and anything else you can imagine. And the stores are bursting with vintage gems, clothing, and more. And for the art lovers, there are enough masterpieces to make you feel like you’ve stepped into an actual painting. So, join the party on the weekends and let the good times roll!

The Old Biscuit Mill
373-375 Albert Road
Cape Town

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