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CoffeeCocktails First Thursday

CoffeeCocktails is back with their second ever “First Thursday” extravaganza, and they’re taking grooviness to a whole new level! They’ve summoned an epic DJ who can turn even the most rhythmically challenged into dancing machines. Last time, First Thursday at CoffeeCocktails was hotter than a jalapeño in a sauna, and this time promises to be even spicier. If you’re on the hunt for stellar drinks, tunes that’ll make your grandma breakdance, and art so exciting you might accidentally buy it, this is THE place to be.



But hold onto your avocado toast because it gets better! They’ve got art you can gaze at, admire, and maybe even pretend to understand. And if your wallet starts itching, you can snag a masterpiece to grace your living room. You can’t possibly resist the allure of this Fresh and Fun First Thursday soirée, right smack dab in the CBD – the center of coolness. Head on over to 32 Parliament Street in the heart of Cape Town City Centre for some groovy tunes, cocktails so lush they make unicorns jealous, and art so fine it’ll make you rethink your stick figure drawings. Don’t miss out on the party of the century!



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