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Experience Sea Point’s Seaside Serenity with Electric Scooter Adventures

Why settle for plain old leg-power when you can hop on a battery-powered, chunky-wheeled scooter and roll through Sea Point’s sensational seaside scenery? It’s like levelling up in life! With one of these electric wonders, you’ll zip around faster than a caffeinated cheetah, all while putting in minimal effort. Watch as you breeze past the dog-walkers, joggers, and skaters, soaking in the view, the sounds, and maybe even some interesting smells (hopefully not the smelly dog kind).


These electric scooters can zoom at a maximum speed of 25km/h and cover around 25km on a single charge. That means you could traverse the entire Promenade, from Granger Bay to Bantry Bay, and even venture further if you’re feeling wild. Or take a detour to Green Point Park for a fresh change of scenery. And guess what? These scooters are practically for everyone from age 5 and up – it’s the age of inclusive adventures!



Now, why would you or your kiddos love it? Well, who wouldn’t fall head over wheels for a scooter that doesn’t require you to do the scooting yourself? It’s almost like being a grown-up, complete with brakes, a hooter (honk honk!), lights for that celebrity entrance, and more. It’s pure scooter magic!


And here’s some bonus info for you: Electrek isn’t just about the scooters; they throw children’s parties, and they even host guided scooter tours in the majestic Winelands. You’ll make pit stops at three farms in the Helderberg, so you can scoot, savor, and sip your way through the day.


When can you embark on this magnificent scooter escapade? Well, pretty much any day of the week, from Monday to Sunday, starting at 9:15 am and wrapping up at 6 pm. You’ve got the whole day to scoot your heart out!



As for the price, it’s a steal! For just R200, you can enjoy the scooter fun for one hour, and if you’re not done yet, extend it to two hours for R300. Your wallet will thank you for this incredible deal.


Oh, and in case you’re wondering where to find these marvels of modern transportation, head over to Queens Beach Circle on Beach Road, Sea Point. Or, if you prefer a change of scenery (and maybe some retail therapy), they’ve got a shop at Surrey Place in Mouille Point too.

So, folks, say goodbye to traditional scooting and embrace the future of zippy, electric scooter adventures by the sea! Scoot on, my friends, scoot on.

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