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Sail into Opulence: Unveiling the Hazendal Yacht – South Africa’s Largest Superyacht Experience in Cape Town

Embark on the ultimate nautical escapade with the grand Hazendal Yacht, Princess Eve – a floating palace measuring a whopping 25m, making it South Africa’s reigning superyacht royalty. Forget mundane boat rides; this is the zenith of Cape Town’s aquatic opulence. Sponsored by Hazendal Wine Estate and steered by the maritime virtuosos at Newmark Hotels & Reserves, the Hazendal Yacht promises an experience so posh, even the Atlantic Ocean feels the need to up its game.



Picture yourself on the deck of this majestic vessel, sipping champagne while soaking in the breathtaking views of Cape Town. And if that’s not regal enough, there’s a rooftop jacuzzi where you can luxuriate like maritime royalty. Don’t worry; you won’t be sacrificing comfort for grandeur – there’s an indoor lounge for when you want to escape the sun (or show off your sea legs).


Accommodating up to eight souls overnight or a larger entourage for day frolics, the yacht’s cabins are like floating suites with more charm than a wine-filled soirée in Stellenbosch. Choose from cabins adorned with double, queen, or bunk beds – each with its own ensuite bathroom. The Master Cabin, fit for a seafaring monarch, boasts a king-size bed and windows that offer a front-row seat to the Atlantic’s 180-degree spectacle. And if you’re feeling extra indulgent, the Master Cabin even comes with its own bathtub – because bubbles are not just for the champagne.



But the real pièce de résistance is the freedom to craft your own adventure on the high seas. Will it be a daring voyage up the West Coast to Langebaan and Saldanha Bay? A romantic sunset cruise around Robben Island, perhaps? Or maybe a leisurely jaunt along the Atlantic Seaboard to Clifton or Hout Bay? The choices are as abundant as the finest wines in Stellenbosch, ensuring your Hazendal Yacht escapade is a seafaring soiree like no other. Welcome aboard, where luxury meets the tide!

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