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Dive into Seal Paradise: Robberg Peninsula Adventure with Offshore Adventures – Book Now for Family Fun at Central Beach

Dive into the ultimate seal-tastic adventure with Offshore Adventures at Robberg Peninsula! Picture this: you roll up to our cool hangout at Central Beach, flash your winning smile, and sign in for the wildest 1.5 to 2-hour escapade of your life. The crew hooks you up with all the cool gear you need, and then, bam, you’re off on a boat ride from Central Beach to Seal Central, aka Robberg Peninsula. It’s like a seal paradise with around 6000 of these fuzzy wonders!



But hold your horses – we’re not just here to be spectators. No sir! You, dear adventurer, get to dive right into the action with a certified dive master for 30 minutes of pure seal joy. These curious fluffballs are ready to party, and you’re on the VIP guest list!


The whole shebang lasts about 1 to 1.5 hours, making it the ultimate family fiesta. And guess what? Even if you prefer staying dry, you can still join the fun as a Seal Viewing VIP. Watch the aquatic spectacle from the comfort of the boat for just R495pp. Seal Viewing guests, we salute you!


Now, let’s talk logistics. We’re ready to roll seven days a week, weather permitting, of course. We’ve got you covered at ADVENTURE ISLAND, Central Beach Car Park, Hopwood Street, Plettenberg Bay. Just make sure to show up 30 minutes before departure – we don’t want anyone missing the aquatic party!


What to wear, you ask? A swimsuit, of course, and maybe throw in something warm for the post-seal chill. Bring your swimsuit to wear under the wetsuit, and we’ll handle the rest. Spectators, you’re all set too – just grab your R495pp Seal Viewing ticket, and you’re in for the show!



Are you worried about requirements? Fret not! If you’re at least 6 years old, have an average fitness level, and possess a burning desire for fun, you’re good to go. No fancy qualifications needed, and there’s no weight limit – we’re an equal-opportunity seal splash zone!


As for the goodies, your ticket includes a boat ride, top-notch snorkeling gear (mask, fins, and wetsuits in all sizes), plus a sweet photo and video link to relive the awesomeness. Get ready to splash, laugh, and make memories at only R895pp for groups of 4 or more, or R750pp for individual adventurers. Find us at Hopwood Street, Plettenberg Bay, and let the seal party begin!

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