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Deadpool & Wolverine Trailer Sparks Doctor Doom Speculation: Is it Really Him?

Marvel fans, put on your detective hats! The Deadpool & Wolverine trailer has dropped, and eagle-eyed viewers think they’ve spotted the infamous Doctor Doom. But wait, is it really him, or are we just jumping to conclusions faster than Deadpool breaks the fourth wall? Let’s dissect the evidence.

At the 1:48 mark, a mysterious figure decked out in a brown hooded cloak, green attire, and a mask appears. Marvel aficionados can’t help but scream “Doctor Doom!” However, this potential Doom doesn’t quite match the pristine ruler of Latveria we know from the comics. He looks more like a Mad Max extra than the Supreme Lord.

The trailer’s setting, a wasteland adorned with MCU relics, hints at a Wastelanders: Doctor Doom scenario. Could this be a stranded Doom, adapting to his surroundings with makeshift armor and a dirty look? Marvel does love to keep fans guessing.

While Doom’s introduction in a Deadpool movie seems out of left field, it could be a clever setup for the larger Multiverse Saga. The comic book spotted next to Deadpool in the trailer is Secret Wars #5, featuring—you guessed it—Doctor Doom. This iconic storyline involves Doom creating Battleworld after Incursions destroy the multiverse.

If this hooded character is Doom, the question remains: who’s behind the mask? Could Julian McMahon or Toby Kebbell reprise their roles, or will Mads Mikkelsen don the infamous armor for the MCU? The multiverse is full of possibilities, and Deadpool & Wolverine might just be the beginning of Doctor Doom’s cinematic journey.

Stay tuned for more speculation, fan theories, and the inevitable multiverse madness!

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