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Microsoft’s Game Plan: Xbox Games on PS5? It’s a Possibility!


In a plot twist that would make Indiana Jones proud, Microsoft is reportedly considering unleashing some of its Xbox games, like Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, on the PS5. If this rumor holds weight, it could be a sign of a new era where Microsoft plays nice with other platforms.

According to The Verge, Microsoft is contemplating which games stay exclusive and which make a cameo on Switch or PS5. Indiana Jones might be the trailblazer, launching on Xbox and PC first, followed by a fashionably late entrance on PS5 a few months down the line.

And the surprises don’t stop there – whispers suggest that Starfield, the elusive space RPG, might also be gracing the PS5 after its Shattered Space expansion. Microsoft is apparently cozying up to PS5 dev kits for this supposed multi-platform strategy.

While these reports keep the rumor mill spinning, remember, plans change faster than a game of musical chairs. Microsoft’s internal documents hinted at The Elder Scrolls 6 skipping PS5, but who knows? The gaming universe is full of twists, and Microsoft seems ready to play across Sony and Nintendo’s turf. Talk about leveling up in diplomacy!

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