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Pro Gamer Adewuyi Amori Discusses February Update and Future of Clash of Clans


In the ever-expanding universe of Clash of Clans, the February 2024 update brought forth a wave of changes and innovations that have left players buzzing with excitement. To delve deeper into the impact of this update and what lies ahead for the game, we had the privilege of sitting down with Adewuyi Amori, a seasoned pro gamer and captain of the renowned CoC eSports team “T_wildside.”

Amori, whose expertise spans over six years of Clash of Clans gameplay, shared his insights on the latest features, strategic nuances, and the game’s future trajectory.

**Q: What’s the most exciting addition in the February 2024 update for Clash of Clans, and why?**

Adewuyi: “The most exciting thing is that we can now do friendly and classic wars together. We competitive players have asked for this because we need to farm ores, and one of the major ways to get the ores is through playing classic wars. So, Supercell making it possible for us to play classic wars and friendly wars was really exciting. They really listened to the community on this one.”

**Q: How does the new Overgrowth spell change attack strategies, and what are some creative ways players can use it?**

Adewuyi: “The Overgrowth spell is like a freeze spell and invisibility spell merged into one, with a larger radius. The spell is quite helpful for redirecting your troops or for keeping some heavy-hitting defenses on hold until your troops reach them. For instance, in edrags’ spam attacks on some bases, you can use the spell on the opposite side you’re starting from to keep the defenses still. Meanwhile, your edrags keep doing work and getting less damage until they finally reach there and overwhelm the area.”

**Q: Which Town Hall levels benefit the most from the new troop and defense level increases, and how?**

Adewuyi: “Town Hall 16 players benefit most. They can access all the new equipment, higher troop levels, and stronger spells.”

**Q: What potential future updates or features do players hope to see in Clash of Clans?**

Adewuyi: “While I don’t have specific expectations, I know many players would love the ability to use heroes and pets even during upgrades instead of being unavailable.”

**Q: How did the February update impact the overall Clash of Clans experience in the coming months?**

Adewuyi: “The update brings welcome quality-of-life (QoL) improvements, which will definitely shake things up, especially with the nerf and buffs in troops and defenses. It should be interesting to see how the meta evolves.”

Amidst discussions of strategy shifts, competitive dynamics, and community aspirations, Adewuyi Amori’s insights shed light on the intricacies of Clash of Clans’ ever-evolving landscape. As players continue to adapt and innovate, guided by the expertise of seasoned gamers like Amori, the future of Clash of Clans promises to be as engaging and dynamic as ever.

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