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“Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown – A Metroidvania Masterpiece Rewriting the Sands of Time”

 Prepare for a trip down memory lane as Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown reignites the magic that made The Sands of Time a classic back in 2003. In this 2D Metroidvania adventure, the series finds its perfect rhythm, blending the essence of the original 1989 game with the best ideas from its 3D counterparts. Strap in for a review that explores why The Lost Crown is not just a nostalgic nod but a triumphant return for the Prince.

The Upsides: Written by Phil Hornshaw, this review dives into the strong points of The Lost Crown, praising its move to a 2D perspective. The article highlights the precision and snappiness of controls in both platforming and combat, eliminating the issues faced by the 3D versions. The Metroidvania framework is commended for maintaining familiarity with the series’ roots while embracing a fresh narrative inspired by Persian mythology.

Combat Brilliance: The combat system takes center stage in the review, celebrating the game’s focus on melee action akin to titles like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Devil May Cry. Sargon, the protagonist, is described as a fierce warrior with a repertoire of moves, creating a combat experience that is both fast-paced and stylish. Boss battles, featuring counters, parries, and Athra Surge abilities, elevate the excitement, making each encounter a true test of skill.

Platforming Excellence: The platforming aspect is consistently praised for its excellence, with abilities like double-jumps, mid-air dashes, and a grapple enhancing the overall experience. The review commends the game for rewarding ingenuity in overcoming obstacles and avoiding frustration in repeated attempts, thanks to a quick respawn mechanism.

Time-Bending Ideas: While acknowledging the game’s departure from the time-rewinding feature, the review expresses a desire for more exploration of the broken flow of time. The captivating sea battle frozen in time and the concept of encountering different versions of characters are highlighted as intriguing, even though they are not fully explored in the narrative.

Map Photo System: A standout feature is the map photo system, praised as a brilliant addition that aids exploration. The review recounts moments of triumph in solving puzzles by revisiting snapshots, emphasizing the system’s role in encouraging thorough exploration.

Downsides and Unfinished Business: Despite the game’s strengths, the review delves into certain narrative inconsistencies and untold aspects, particularly in side quests. The ending is deemed somewhat unsatisfying due to what appears to be missing pieces in the story, leaving room for speculation and potential updates. A minor hiccup is revealed with the use of a text-to-speech program for one character, which Ubisoft promises to rectify in a future update.

Conclusion: In the verdict, The Lost Crown is hailed as a masterpiece that captures the essence of the Prince of Persia legacy. The review emphasizes the game’s success in ironing out previous issues, offering a fast, fun combat system, tight controls, and a stylish aesthetic. While acknowledging narrative complexities, the overall sentiment is that The Lost Crown stands proudly as a worthy successor to the Prince of Persia legacy, rewriting the sands of time in a Metroidvania masterpiece.


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