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Sony PS5 Update Enhances Controller Features and Screen Sharing

Sony PS5 Update Enhances Controller Features and Screen Sharing

Sony has announced the rollout of a new update for the PlayStation 5 (PS5) system, introducing several enhancements to controller functionality and the Screen Share feature. This update, which was previously available to testers and is now being globally released to all PS5 owners, aims to improve user experience across various aspects of gaming and social interaction.

DualSense Controller Improvements

The firmware update includes enhancements for both the DualSense and DualSense Edge wireless controllers. Notably, the update improves the output volume of in-game sounds and voice chat, enhancing the overall audio experience for players. Additionally, the microphones on both controllers have been upgraded using a new machine learning model to reduce background noise, such as button presses, for clearer voice communication.

Screen Share Enhancements

The Screen Share feature on the PS5 is receiving significant upgrades with this update. Users can now utilize pointers and emoji reactions during screen sharing sessions, providing a more interactive and engaging experience for participants. These features allow friends to draw instructional lines on the shared screen to highlight specific areas or objects, as well as send emoji reactions to celebrate achievements or events. For those who find these additions distracting, there is an option to disable them.

Adjusting Power Indicator Brightness

As part of the update, PS5 owners now have the ability to adjust the brightness of the console’s power indicator. Users can choose from three brightness levels: dim, medium, and bright (default). While the option to fully disable the power indicator is not available, the introduction of brightness settings provides users with greater customization over their console’s visual display.

Future Mobile App Support

Sony also announced an upcoming update for the PlayStation mobile app, scheduled to be released later this month. This update will enable iOS and Android users to utilize the new Share Screen interactions, including pointers and emoji reactions, enhancing the collaborative gaming experience across different devices.

With these improvements, Sony continues to enhance the overall gaming and social experience on the PS5 platform, offering users more ways to interact with their friends and customize their gaming environment.

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