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“Unleash Your Inner Web-Slinger: Mastering Spider-Bots in Spider-Man 2”

In the bustling cityscape of Spider-Man 2, not all heroes wear capes—some of them are just tiny robots! These little mechanical wonders, known as Spider-Bots, add a unique and challenging side quest to the game. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with their exact locations. These helpful arachnid-inspired machines are all over New York, but they can be tricky to spot unless you’ve got the All Seeing upgrade or a keen eye.

What makes these Spider-Bots extra special is that they’re each designed like different versions of Spider-Man’s iconic suits. Collecting them is not just a matter of gameplay; it’s a delightful journey through Spider-Man lore.

Collect all 42 Spider-Bots, and you’ll unlock a side mission that’s perfect for fans of the friendly neighborhood web-slinger. We won’t spoil the details; we’ll just leave you with the map locations for all 42 Spider-Bots, numbered for your convenience. Happy hunting!

🕷️ Spider-Bot Map Locations 🕷️

Remember, you don’t need to collect them in any specific order, so feel free to swing around the city and gather them at your own pace. Enjoy the hunt! 🕸️


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