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Aprilia’s Retro-Influenced Naked Version of the RS457 Sportsbike

Sneak Peek: Aprilia’s Retro-Influenced Naked Version of the RS457 Sportsbike

Spy pictures have surfaced, providing a first glimpse of Aprilia’s upcoming retro-inspired naked version of the twin-cylinder RS457 sportsbike. The prototype, still in pre-production form, showcases a unique design, emphasizing its identity beyond being a mere naked variant of the RS457. The spy shots reveal distinctive features, including a tubular steel frame, an offset shock, lone front disc, round headlamp with retro vibes, and an underslung exhaust.

Key Highlights:

  1. Frame and Suspension: The retro Aprilia flaunts an all-new tubular steel frame, departing from the RS457’s design. A notable change is the replacement of the RS’s rising rate monoshock with an offset single shock directly mounted between the swingarm and rear subframe. The rear suspension setup and swingarm have been redesigned to accommodate the roadster’s distinct look.
  2. Engine: At the heart of the roadster is the same 457cc parallel twin featured in the RS457, producing a claimed 47bhp. Given its power output, the bike aligns with the A2 license categorization.
  3. Design Elements: The rear bodywork, fuel tank, and subframe are redesigned for the roadster. The prototype sports a longer, lower twin saddle. Notably, the front mudguard is identical to the RS457, and both bikes feature 17-inch wheels.
  4. Front End: The roadster retains upside-down forks similar to the RS457, but it opts for a single front disc brake instead of the RS457’s twin-disc setup. The choice of a single disc hints at a less aggressive braking configuration suitable for the roadster’s styling.
  5. Handlebars and Dash: The spy shots reveal reasonably high, one-piece tubular handlebars for a comfortable riding position. The roadster features a TFT dash identical to the RS457, offering a modern touch.
  6. Headlight and Lighting: A round LED headlight contributes to the retro aesthetics, and the prototype also showcases a round LED taillight.
  7. Expected Debut: While no official unveiling date is confirmed, it is anticipated that the finished version will be introduced in the autumn, with an expected price of around £6000.

The upcoming Aprilia roadster, with its blend of modern technology and retro design cues, is poised to offer riders a distinctive and stylish option in the middleweight motorcycle segment. As more details emerge, enthusiasts eagerly await the official debut, expecting a unique addition to Aprilia’s lineup.

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