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Aprilia’s Retro Revolution: Spy Shots Unveil New RS457 Naked Roadster

Rev your engines, motorcycle enthusiasts! Aprilia is taking a bold step into the world of retro aesthetics with spy shots revealing a prototype of the upcoming naked version of their RS457 sportsbike. This isn’t just a stripped-down sibling; it’s a nostalgic journey with an all-new tubular steel frame, offset shock, and a design that harks back to the golden age of motorcycling.

The Retro Resurgence: Unveiling the RS457 Naked Roadster

Caught in the midst of testing in sunny Spain, the spy shots showcase a retro-inspired masterpiece, a naked roadster born from the genes of the RS457. The all-new tubular steel frame provides the backbone, accompanied by a lone front disc, an offset shock, and bodywork that echoes the timeless spirit of classic motorcycles. But this isn’t merely a stripped-down variant; it’s a distinct entity with its own personality.

Under the Skin: Powerhouse Unveiled

Beneath the surface, the heart of the new roadster beats in sync with its sportier sibling. The identical 457cc parallel twin engine, with a claimed 47bhp, promises a thrilling ride. Unlikely to be retuned for the naked version, this powerhouse aligns perfectly with the A2 license categorization, delivering optimal performance for riders.

Suspension Evolution: A Rear Makeover

The roadster departs from the RS457’s rising rate monoshock, embracing a new rear suspension design. A single shock absorber now graces the right-hand side, nestled between the swingarm and rear subframe. The revamped subframe accommodates a longer, lower twin saddle, harmonizing form and function.

Design Delights: TFT Dash, LED Lights, and More

As the spy shots unfold, the roadster treats riders to a feast for the eyes. High, one-piece tubular handlebars provide a comfortable yet commanding riding position. A TFT dash takes center stage, surrounded by a round LED headlight that pays homage to classic designs. The front showcases upside-down forks, reminiscent of the RS457, while the rear boasts a minimalist, yet refined, tail unit.

Autumn Unveiling: Anticipated Arrival and Price Tag

While the roadster is currently in prototype form, hints suggest an official unveiling in the coming autumn. With an estimated price tag of around £6000, Aprilia aims to make retro elegance accessible to motorcycle enthusiasts.

Get ready to embrace the nostalgia of yesteryear with Aprilia’s RS457 Naked Roadster. From its distinctive design to its powerful engine, it’s set to carve a unique path in the world of two-wheeled marvels. Stay tuned for more updates as Aprilia takes a thrilling ride down memory lane!

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