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Deus Ex Machina Auction: Unique Custom Builds Find New Homes

Here’s a brief overview before we dive into the details:

  • Unique Auction: Deus Ex Machina recently concluded an online auction featuring eight custom motorcycles, along with additional road machines.
  • Special Builds: Each custom bike showcased craftsmanship and uniqueness, drawing attention from motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide.
  • Surprising Sales: While some bikes exceeded their expected prices, others went for less than anticipated, offering buyers a chance to own bespoke machines at reasonable prices.

Now, let’s explore the highlights of this unique auction:

An online auction hosted by Deus Ex Machina on the Catawiki platform recently wrapped up, showcasing a stunning collection of custom motorcycles crafted at the Deus workshop in Milan. Alongside these bespoke bikes, a selection of older road machines, including a 1989 Ducati 851, was also up for grabs.

Deus Ex Machina Director, Alessandro Rossi, expressed excitement about the auction, emphasizing the uniqueness and history behind each bike. “All of the bikes in this auction are incredibly special and unique,” Rossi stated before the auction began. “I want to emphasize the fact that these bikes are not only collectible but are ready to be used.”

Among the custom builds, one standout was the bespoke Fantic Caballero 500 dubbed ‘Deus Fuoristrada’. Despite expectations to fetch between €10,000 and €12,000, it sold for €7,500 after 35 bids, only €830 more than the cost of the standard donor bike. Featuring a striking yellow and red finish, the bike boasted modifications including a modified swingarm, new saddle, and vintage-style number plate holder.

Another highlight was the ‘Deus Double Mate’, based on a 2023 Husqvarna 701 Supermoto. Initially expected to sell for €10,000 to €11,000, the bidding war drove the final price to €14,750. Adorned in a special grey and black livery, the bike featured minimal mechanical changes but sported a new SC Project exhaust, seat, and mirrors.

Davide Marelli from Catawiki expressed enthusiasm about bringing Deus Ex Machina’s designs to motorcycle enthusiasts worldwide. “With Deus Ex Machina, we are bringing their cutting-edge design and street-honest industrial art to Catawiki’s passionate global community of motorcycle enthusiasts,” Marelli stated.

The auction also featured builds based on Yamaha XT600, BMW R nineT, Kawasaki W650, and more, offering buyers a chance to own one-of-a-kind machines crafted with meticulous attention to detail by Deus Ex Machina.

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