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Fantic’s Italian Renaissance: Unveiling the Road Warriors at Eicma 2023

Fantic, renowned for their off-road prowess, has thrown a surprising curveball at the recent Eicma trade show in Milan, teasing a potential shift towards the tarmac with the debut of two road-focused 125 concept machines. Brace yourselves for the Stealth 125 and the track-inspired Imola 125, signaling a bold move into uncharted territory for the revived Italian brand.

Stealth 125: Mini-Streetfighter Magic

The Stealth 125, Fantic’s newest addition to their lineup, promises a perfect blend of technology, agility, and streetfighter aesthetics. Unveiled at Eicma, this 125cc naked marvel is designed to dominate the road with its aggressive looks and cutting-edge features.

Under the hood lies a liquid-cooled, single-cylinder motor, showcasing Fantic’s commitment to performance. Engineers have worked their magic to centralize mass, positioning the fuel tank close to the center of gravity and optimizing the airbox for maximum airflow. The exhaust system, divided into two parts, adds to the agility, ensuring the Stealth 125 is not just a showstopper but a street dominator.

Technological brilliance takes center stage with a 5-inch TFT screen, LED headlights, and optional ABS cornering and traction control, providing riders with a futuristic riding experience. The Stealth 125 is more than just a motorcycle; it’s a statement, a fusion of power and aesthetics on two wheels.

Imola 125 Concept: Born from Racing DNA

Inspired by Fantic’s triumphant debut in Moto2 road racing, the Imola 125 concept emerges as a track-focused marvel based on the same platform as the Stealth. This concept bike is a testament to Fantic’s racing heritage, with clear influences from their successful Moto2 campaign.

Sharing the same liquid-cooled, four-valve, four-stroke single as the Stealth, the Imola Concept packs a punch with electronic injection, variable valve actuation, and a slipper clutch. The Minarelli engine, formerly owned by Yamaha, powers this track beast, ensuring it roars with the same spirit that led to a historic victory at the Austrian GP.

In terms of design and engineering, the Imola Concept boasts an ‘alu-steel hybrid’ frame, a 125-class first, combining aluminum plates with a steel trellis. Quality equipment includes a TFT dash, Brembo radial brakes, and fully adjustable inverted front forks, showcasing Fantic’s commitment to top-notch performance.

While labeled a ‘track concept,’ the Imola 125 clearly hints at road potential, with designated spaces for road lights in its sporty full fairing. Fantic’s unveiling at Eicma 2023 is not just a presentation of two bikes; it’s a declaration of their intent to conquer both the road and the track.

As Fantic explores new horizons, we eagerly await the mid-2024 release of the production-ready Stealth 125 and the potential road conversion of the Imola Concept. The Italian brand is undoubtedly on the verge of redefining the road biking experience, one concept at a time. Watch this space for the next chapter in Fantic’s legacy.


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