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Harley-Davidson Unveils 2024 Baggers with Milwaukee-Eight 117 Engine and Tech Upgrades

Harley-Davidson is expanding its 2024 lineup by introducing two new ‘bagger’ models – the Street Glide and Road Glide, set to arrive in dealerships this month. Central to these models is the new Milwaukee-Eight 117, a potent 1923cc counterbalanced V-twin engine with significant updates for 2024.

The Milwaukee-Eight 117 boasts refined intake and exhaust characteristics to enhance performance, accompanied by a new cooling system aimed at optimizing thermal comfort for riders. According to Jochen Zeitz, President and CEO of Harley-Davidson, these new baggers “represent a new era for Harley-Davidson” and are hailed as the brand’s most enticing touring motorcycles.

Both models feature a range of technological enhancements, including a large 12.3-inch touchscreen TFT dash and a powerful 200-watt amplifier for an enhanced audio experience. The bikes offer four selective rider modes – Road, Sport, Rain, and Custom – allowing riders to electronically adjust performance characteristics based on conditions, including throttle response and engine braking configuration, along with ABS and traction control settings.

In terms of design, aerodynamics have been reworked to achieve a claimed 60 percent reduction in helmet buffeting at high speeds. Additional comfort improvements include a redesigned saddle and a 76mm increase in rear suspension travel.

Pricing for the base color of the Street Glide starts at £26,795, rising to £29,095 for premium color options. The Road Glide’s base price is £27,295, with premium color selections increasing the cost to £29,595. While the new baggers come with a premium price tag, they compete favorably against rivals in the full-dress tourer category, such as Honda’s GL1800 Gold Wing. Harley-Davidson’s strong brand loyalty is expected to resonate well with patrons, and as customary with the brand, there will be extensive customization options available for these models.


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