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Husqvarna Confirms Arrival of Larger Svartpilen 801 Naked Bike in 2024

After much anticipation fueled by social media teasers and spy shots, Husqvarna officially confirms the arrival of a larger, parallel-twin Svartpilen 801 naked bike for the year 2024. The production model is set to be unveiled on Tuesday, March 19, showcasing a blend of contemporary style, performance, and agility.

Key Details and Sneak Peek:

  1. Official confirmation on March 5, with dynamic photographs and a sneak peek during the Svartpilen 401 and Vitpilen 401 press launch.
  2. The new model promises a powerful combination of performance, agility, and contemporary style, with state-of-the-art electronic rider aids, including Easy Shift for seamless gear changes.
  3. The Svartpilen 801 is expected to weigh approximately 181kg, with a reported power output of around 103.6bhp, positioning it in comparison to the KTM 790 Duke.
  4. Likely based on the KTM 790 Duke, both brands being part of the larger Pierer Mobility Group, with a shared history of swapping hardware between bikes.
  5. Features a twin-cylinder engine, lattice-style blacked-out swingarm, advanced electronics package, adjustable WP Apex suspension, and a potential ‘supermoto mode.’
  6. Additional features include a TFT dash, USB charging port, standard key ignition, a small flyscreen, and Husqvarna’s trademark rounded LED headlight.

Conclusion: Husqvarna’s confirmation of the Svartpilen 801 marks an exciting addition to their lineup, promising a versatile and engaging middleweight bike with a focus on performance, style, and advanced electronics. The unveiling on March 19 is eagerly anticipated by enthusiasts awaiting a closer look at this promising addition to the Svartpilen family.

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