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Kawasaki Announces Pricing for 2024 Z 500 and Ninja 500 Models

  • Introduction of Z 500 and Ninja 500: Kawasaki has announced the pricing for its 2024 Z 500 and Ninja 500 models. The Z 500 is a naked bike, while the Ninja 500 is a faired sportster. Both models are part of the middleweight category and feature all-new engines.
  • Pricing Details:
    • Kawasaki Z 500: The pricing for the Z 500 starts at £5,699 for the standard version and rises to £6,049 for the SE (Special Edition) variant.
    • Kawasaki Ninja 500: For the Ninja 500, the standard version is priced at £5,999, and the SE version is available at £6,499.
  • SE (Special Edition) Variants: Both the Z 500 and Ninja 500 models are available in standard and SE variants. The SE versions come with additional features and enhancements, contributing to a slightly higher price compared to the standard models.
  • New Engine Specifications: The 2024 Z 500 and Ninja 500 are equipped with a new twin-cylinder motor. While the exact displacement is not mentioned, Kawasaki states that the engine is water-cooled and comes with an Assist and Slipper clutch. The motor is A2-compliant, ensuring it produces no more than 47bhp, making it suitable for riders with an A2 license.
  • A2-Compliant Performance: The adherence to A2 compliance indicates that the power and torque outputs of the new engine are designed to meet the specific requirements for riders with A2 licenses, offering accessible performance.
  • Availability: Both the Z 500 and Ninja 500 models are expected to be available in March, providing riders with new options in the middleweight category.

Conclusion: Kawasaki’s announcement of pricing for the 2024 Z 500 and Ninja 500 models provides potential buyers with details on the cost of these new middleweight bikes. The availability of standard and SE variants caters to riders with different preferences and requirements. With an emphasis on a new twin-cylinder engine and A2-compliant performance, Kawasaki aims to offer appealing options for riders seeking middleweight bikes with updated features and styling.

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