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Sherco Introduces the 125 TY Long Ride: A Versatile and Accessible Trials Bike

Here’s what you need to know upfront:

  • Introduction: Sherco, known for their expertise in trials and enduro, unveils the 125 TY Long Ride, a learner-legal trials bike designed for casual riders.
  • Features: Priced at £4799, this air-cooled bike offers versatility and practicality, making it suitable for various uses from commuting to off-road adventures.

Now, let’s dive into the details:

French motorcycle specialists Sherco have introduced the 125 TY Long Ride, targeting a broad customer base with its learner-legal trials bike. Priced at £4799, this bike offers a mild-mannered approach compared to the high-performance competition bikes typically associated with trials riding.

The 125 TY Long Ride prioritizes usability and versatility, making it equally suitable for casual commuting and off-road exploration. Powered by a 123.7cc motor producing 7.3bhp, the bike boasts frugal fueling, enabling approximately 100 miles of gentle use with its 4.2-liter fuel tank.

Despite its modest power output, the TY Long Ride is remarkably lightweight at just 85kg, ensuring easy maneuverability. Equipped with both kick and electric start options, the bike features a reliable Yamaha YBR 125 motor, renowned for its durability and efficiency.

With road bike-derived components, including a five-speed gearbox, the TY Long Ride promises a smooth and versatile riding experience. Basic road-legal features such as lights and a horn are included, along with spoked 18/21” wheels and basic suspension offering 170mm of front travel and 165mm for the rear wheel.

In terms of affordability, the TY Long Ride competes favorably with other play bikes on the market. Despite its accessible price, Sherco has incorporated premium features such as an aluminum engine guard and a semi-hydraulic clutch for precise control.

For enthusiasts seeking additional performance, Sherco offers a Limited Edition version with upgraded components such as Grey Tech suspension fork, Reiger rear shock absorber, Galfer wavey discs, Michelin tires, and a tubeless rear wheel. However, pricing for this premium version is yet to be announced.

With an approachable 860mm seat height and a narrow design, the TY Long Ride aims to accommodate a wide range of riders. For those interested in acquiring this versatile trials bike, visit the Sherco website to locate dealers.

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