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The TAC-6 by Armormax: A Closer Look

The TAC-6 by Armormax: A Closer Look

  • A Special Forces Project: The TAC-6 by Armormax began as a project initiated by a Special Forces regiment, aiming to create a versatile vehicle capable of handling various disciplines, navigating non-permissible environments swiftly, and requiring minimal training for operation and field servicing.
  • Versatile Configuration: The TAC-6 chassis can be adapted for numerous roles, including personnel carrier, tactical vehicle, weapons platform, ammunition carrier, mechanical field workshop, and more, thanks to its robust six-wheeled platform.
  • Exceptional Performance: After seven years of engineering and testing, the TAC-6 boasts impressive features such as a seamless transition between 6×2 and 6×6 configurations, a purpose-built ZF 8HP90 automatic gearbox, resilient drivetrain, and unrivaled braking system, ensuring optimal performance in any environment.

Cutting-Edge Features and Customization Options

  • Advanced Design: The TAC-6 features a purpose-built ZF 8HP90 automatic gearbox and a resilient drivetrain utilizing heavy-duty DANA components, ensuring durability and reliability in demanding situations.
  • Extended Operational Range: With a total usable fuel capacity of up to 300 liters and the option to upgrade to hold up to 560 liters, the TAC-6 offers an operational range of over 2,000 km, making it suitable for long-distance operations.
  • Armoring Options: Customers can opt for STANAG level 1 vehicle armor, offering protection against assault rifles, with customization and accessory options available to suit individual needs.

Pricing and Production Details

  • Customization Options: Pricing for the TAC-6 starts at R1,558,000 for the base conversion excluding the vehicle itself, with armor options and accessories available at additional costs.
  • Production and Delivery: Production takes approximately 14 weeks, with reduced costs and timelines for multiple-vehicle orders. Additionally, the ZF 8 Speed Automatic Gearbox can be sold separately and fitted to any Land Cruiser 79 4.5d V8 at an additional cost.

For more information and customization options, visit Armormax.

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