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The Ultimate 7-Seater SUV Showdown: Proton X90 and Its Formidable Foes

In the realm of seven-seater SUVs, the Proton X90 stands as an intriguing contender, a quirky yet feature-packed option for those who seek a blend of style, performance, and practicality. But before we delve into a detailed comparison of this quirky gem against its rivals, let’s take a moment to revisit the Proton X90’s unique offerings.


Proton X90: Quirkiness Meets Substance


Proton’s X90 is a fascinating concoction of modern technology and a charmingly oddball personality. Its powerplant comprises a 1.5-liter, turbocharged three-cylinder engine harmoniously synchronized with a 48V electric “motor synergy” system. It’s a bit like an automotive duo waltzing to the rhythm of fuel efficiency and performance. The seven-speed automatic dual-clutch transmission manages this orchestration seamlessly, providing 140 kW of power and 255 N.m of torque. With a fuel consumption rate of just 6.8 L/100km and a capacious 60-liter fuel tank, the X90 offers a fuel range of 882 km, making it the ideal companion for those long road trips – and a standout feature that might even impress your accountant.



In terms of dimensions, the X90 hits the sweet spot – not too big, not too small. It stretches to 4,830 mm in length, measures 1,900 mm in width, stands at 1,764 mm in height, and boasts a 2,805 mm wheelbase. It’s like the Goldilocks of the SUV world, ensuring there’s enough room for everyone without being a parking nightmare. Its MacPherson strut suspension at the front and multi-link rear suspension create a smooth, controlled ride, as comfortable as a La-Z-Boy recliner.


Inside the Proton X90: Where the Magic Happens


Stepping inside the X90, you’re greeted with an array of treats. The entry-level 1.5 Standard model comes with cozy fabric seats and a captivating 12.3-inch touchscreen that’s large enough to rival your home TV. It’s like a personal entertainment center on wheels. But the Premium and Flagship models elevate the experience with Nappa leather seats, six-way electric seats (also available in the Executive model), and adjustable lumbar support. It’s a bit like getting a massage while driving – if the massager could also tell you jokes. Each model boasts a six-speaker sound system, voice command, dual-zone air conditioning, electric windows, remote engine start, and intelligent entry. It’s not just an SUV; it’s your mobile assistant.


Safety isn’t neglected either – the X90 packs a slew of driver assistance features, including cruise control, ABS, EBS, auto brake hold, ESC, hill hold assist, hill descent control, and six parking sensors as standard. The Standard Model, however, goes a step further with a 360-degree camera, a tire pressure monitoring system, an electric tailgate, auto rain-sensing wipers, and auto headlights. And if you’re feeling extra fancy, the range-topper even boasts a panoramic sunroof, offering you a slice of the sky on those sunny days.


Now, The Contenders Take the Stage


With a better understanding of the Proton X90’s impressive quirks, let’s turn our attention to its formidable adversaries.


Chery Tiggo 8 Pro 1.6TGDI 290T Executive: The Unexpected Challenger


Chery Tiggo 8 Pro’s 290T Executive model may be the David to the X90’s Goliath, but don’t underestimate its prowess. While it may be slightly smaller, it packs a surprise punch with features like child locks, 12V sockets, a sliding panoramic roof, and digital instruments. It’s like the little guy with a few tricks up his sleeve, ready to impress.



Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace 1.4TSI 110kW: The Classy Adversary


Volkswagen’s Tiguan Allspace presents a premium alternative to the X90. It’s like the sophisticated cousin in the family. While it may not boast Nappa Leather, it exudes class. The Allspace offers cloth seats by default, with parking distance control sensors and parking assist systems available as optional extras. It’s a bit like choosing between a three-piece suit and a tuxedo, both stylish but with different levels of formality.



Mahindra XUV700 2.0T AX7 L: The Off-Road Maverick


Mahindra’s XUV700 is the go-to choice for those who seek adventure beyond the tarmac. With features like lane change warnings, artificial leather upholstery, and a tire pressure monitor, it’s ready for off-road escapades. While it keeps the top speed figures a mystery, it’s engineered for those who prioritize the journey over the destination.


Nissan X-Trail 2.5 Visia: The Reliable Companion


The Nissan X-Trail may not boast flashy features, but it’s a reliable choice. With a substantial 2,000 kg braked towing capacity, it’s the perfect partner for family camping trips. However, it lacks the opulence of the X90, with no panoramic roof, leather interior, or electric seats with lumbar support adjustment. It’s like the dependable friend you can always count on.



Concluding Thoughts: Choosing Your Adventure Companion


As we’ve examined the Proton X90 and its challengers, each offering unique strengths and personality, you’re now equipped to make an informed choice for your next family adventure. The X90 is a compelling and quirky choice, but remember that its rivals bring their own distinct flavor to the SUV world. Whether you’re drawn to the Tiggo 8 Pro’s surprises, the Allspace’s refinement, the XUV700’s ruggedness, or the X-Trail’s reliability, there’s an SUV suited to every taste and need. So, embark on your journey with the confidence of having the perfect companion by your side – after all, the SUV world is your oyster, and it’s time to explore it fully.

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