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Toyota’s Hilarious Stallion: A Bakkie Rebirth to Tickle Your Funny Bone!

Are you tired of mundane rides and conventional car names? Well, buckle up, because Toyota is unleashing the Stallion – not the four-legged kind, mind you, but the bakkie kind! Previously known as Rangga, IMV 0, and Hilux Champ (not the breakfast cereal, we checked), this geometric wonder is making a splash in the South African market, bringing back the iconic Stallion nameplate like a blast from the past.

Stallion: A Bakkie Odyssey


If you’re on the prowl for a new or used Toyota that’s more than just a set of wheels, your search ends here with CARmag. Now, let’s get down to the Stallion gossip!

This pint-sized bakkie is hailed as the modern-day answer to utilitarian mobility. After strutting its stuff at the Japan Mobility Show, it’s been caught sporting more names than a secret agent. But fear not, South Africa, for the Stallion is here to stay, steering clear of the Champ title, which, let’s be honest, Nissan’s 1400 still holds dear.

Stallion vs. Champ: The Bakkie Battle Royale

With a load bed that’s more configurable than your last weekend plans, the International Multi-Purpose Vehicle 0 (IMV 0) promises a no-frills experience. It’s like the Marie Kondo of bakkies – minimalist and ready to spark joy in your cargo-carrying adventures. Rumor has it; you can customize it to the nines, making it the chameleon of the bakkie world.

And the best part? It slides beneath the Hilux price tag, with whispers suggesting a starting point of $10,000. That’s less than the price of your latest fad diet plan, folks! If this translates to South Africa, it could be yours for just under R190,000 – a steal compared to rivals like the Suzuki Super Carry, JAC X100, and Mahindra Bolero.

Power to the Stallion!


Hold your horsepower, though; Toyota is playing coy about the Stallion’s powertrain. But brace yourselves for the grand entrance of a 2.0-liter four-cylinder petrol motor, shaking hands with a 5-speed manual transmission. And for the cherry on top – rumors of a 2.4-liter diesel unit are circulating like confetti at a parade. Pure speculation, but oh, the thrill!

Daihatsu and Toyota: Bakkie Buddies

In a joint engineering extravaganza with Daihatsu, Toyota birthed a body-on-frame bakkie measuring 5,300 mm in length, 1,785 mm in width, and 1,740 mm in height. It’s like the Goldilocks of bakkies – just right for the streets of South Africa. While the standard cab seats two, Toyota hints at configurations that can turn your bakkie into a party bus. Move over, double-cab Hilux; there’s a new sheriff in town!


The Stallion Storm

Expected to sweep through the Global South like a bakkie hurricane, the Stallion might just be the answer to South Africa’s vehicular dreams. So, saddle up, folks, because the Stallion is galloping into town, and it’s bringing more laughs and cargo space than you ever knew you needed.

In the ever-evolving world of wheels, the Toyota Stallion is not just a bakkie; it’s a comedy on four wheels, and we’re all invited to the show. Get ready to laugh, load up, and let the Stallion reign supreme on South African roads!

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