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Arnold’s: Cape Town’s Best Restaurant for Venison, Seafood, and All-Day Breakfasts

Welcome to Arnold’s, the place that’s amassed more pals than a puppy in a park! They’re quite the talk of Cape Town, lauded for their dazzling breakfasts, lightning-fast and lovable service, and their daring, “off the beaten path” lineup of main courses. Established in ’98, nestled right across the iconic Mount Nelson Hotel in Kloof Street, they’ve got an outdoor seating spot with Table Mountain views and an indoor dining area that’s cozy as a bear hug.


Fancy a feast? Here’s the scoop on their top picks: Arnold’s serves up five stellar South African Venison cuts that might just be the town’s best, alongside fresh seafood, homemade pasta, wholesome salads, and breakfast goodies that last all day. And guess what? They do this 364 days a year—taking just one off for leap years, maybe?



Let’s dive into the goods: Their legendary breakfast? It’s not just for the early birds—it flies high till 4:30 in the afternoon! Snag their steal-deal early bird breakfast (Mon-Fri 6:45am – 08:00am and Sat-Sun 07:00-09:00am), and you’re set.


Lunchtime’s a treat too: From 11am, they roll out a spread of venison wonders, lunchtime heroes like burgers that’ll make your taste buds dance, towering sandwiches, and salads fresh as a daisy. Keep an eye out for those secret specials hiding in plain sight on their menu board!


Now, for dinner: Their à la carte game is strong. Sink your teeth into their South African Game Meat Platter, those smoked Warthog ribs, or how about a taste of Crocodile Tagine? If you’re more into greens or sea treats, fear not—they’ve got you covered.


Dessert and drinks, anyone? Their cheesecake and homemade mini cakes are the talk of the town, and don’t miss the spectacle of their crème brûlée firing—it’s lit! Oh, and they’ve got daily happy “4” hours from 2pm – 6pm with some cool drink and snack specials.



Feeling peckish yet? Reserve your spot: Just fill out their reservation form down below, and their crack management team will give you the green light. Join in on the fun—Arnold’s can’t wait to host you!


When can you catch them in action? Monday to Friday, they’re open from the crack of dawn till late. Weekends and public holidays? Doors swing open at a leisurely 7 in the morning and stay open till the stars come out.

Find Arnold’s at: 60 Kloof Street Gardens Cape Town

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