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Firefly Cafe: A Beachfront Culinary Adventure and Pet-Friendly Paradise in Camps Bay, Cape Town

Step into Firefly Cafe, where every cup of coffee holds the promise of brighter days and every bite tells a tale of culinary adventures! Tucked snugly by the beachfront in Camps Bay, this spot emerged from the chaos of 2020 like a caffeine-fueled phoenix, soaring above the pandemic with sass and style.



From sunrise jogs to afternoon meetings or a rendezvous with friends, Firefly is your go-to haven. And hey, their upstairs cocktail & wine bar is where dreams get mixed into delightful concoctions, probably even the secret to solving all life’s mysteries!


Not only do they welcome humans with open arms, but their furry friends also get the VIP treatment. It’s a pet-friendly paradise, so your pooch can savor the aroma of freshly brewed coffee just like you.



As for the menu, brace yourself for a gastronomic rollercoaster! Their Beachy Bagel with air fried Fire Fries will transport you to foodie nirvana. Those Pick Me Up pancakes? They’re so good, they might just replace your morning alarm clock! And if you’ve never tried chia pudding, trust them, it’s the gateway to a magical world of guilt-free indulgence.


Find Firefly at Shop 3, 89 Victoria Road, Camps Bay, Cape Town. And oh, they’re open from the crack of dawn until the caffeine rush wears off, with extended hours on weekends and holidays. So, swing by and let Firefly Cafe sprinkle a dash of joy into your day!

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