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Indulge in Epicurean Delights: Off the Menu’s Gourmet Haven for Fine Foods, Wines, and Luxuries

Step into a utopia of epicurean delights, where they’re the connoisseurs’ haven for life’s luxuries. Behold a fusion of a deli, culinary paradise, and wine sanctuary—a pilgrimage for aficionados of the finer things in life. From rare treasures to hard-to-find marvels, Off the Menu is the sanctuary for epicurean delights—exotic, authentic, and peerless.

They beckon with tantalizing food exhibits and the wafting aroma of coffee, luring visitors into a realm where they can leisurely savor barista-crafted coffee or indulge in sommelier-guided wine tastings. Picture relishing a gourmet breakfast, a languid lunch, or an intimate dinner paired flawlessly with coffees and wines.



Their tailored services span hosting exclusive events, crafting bespoke luxury hampers, corporate gifting, private dining, online shopping with complimentary delivery, and exclusive gastronomic experiences. Dining here entails savoring classic dishes prepared with the finest ingredients, artfully presented alongside masterful coffees or distinguished wines. Even a simple coffee break transforms into a gourmet odyssey.


For the epicurean at heart, the store offers a treasure trove of cheeses, charcuterie, Wagyu beef, truffles, caviar, and more—both in-store and online. Engage in Wagyu burger or steak nights, wine tastings, and celebratory menus—a perpetual carousel of delectable events. Immerse yourself in a handpicked selection of boutique wines, available for sampling at the wine bar or for retail purchase.



The all-day menu tempts with European classics, including sumptuous healthy breakfasts, indulgent pastries, and refreshing beverages. Lunch or dinner brings forth a tapestry of tapas, artisanal delights, and reinvented classics. Cap off the meal with sweet delights like Valrhona chocolate fondant or the famed Oreo cookie tiramisu.


Embark on an online gourmet expedition—explore a collection of fine wines, cheeses, meats, and pantry essentials delivered right to the doorstep. Off the Menu caters to epicures, providing an array of luxuries from truffles and caviar to artisanal chocolates and house-made condiments. Enjoy weekday deliveries, bringing these indulgences to Port Elizabeth and St. Francis Bay.

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