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Urban Street Food Revolution: Brocka (Taste Urban) Unleashes Irresistible Flavors and Vibe

Revolutionizing urban street food since 2017, they, Brocka (Taste Urban), have redefined the casual dining game by taking the beloved street food culture indoors and adding a modern twist. Their innovative menu is a fusion of globally indulgent flavors, offering the freshest ingredients and top-quality ribs, burgers, and wings grilled to absolute perfection. Not stopping there, they also cater to the on-the-go crowd with quick, scrumptious breakfast options.


Their repertoire boasts homemade brioche buns for burgers, signature chili poppers, and ribs and wings available in three tantalizing varieties. Indulge in mouthwatering cheesy fries and “on-fleek” milkshakes that defy description. All their marinades and sauces are artisanally crafted in-house, appealing to both the mild and spicy taste buds.



Meals are freshly prepared upon order, whether for a cozy sit-down or a speedy takeout. WHY PEOPLE CHOOSE THEM? The vibe and food are ridiculously infectious!


Brocka transcends the ordinary burger joint; it’s a full-fledged holistic customer experience. Their unique setting, a 144-seater open-plan quick service innovation, combines an atmosphere that marries rustic and ultra-modern finishes. With an indoor pergola, copper-hued Tolix chairs, exposed brickwork, and handcrafted table elements, they’ve nailed the urban decay vibe. A hand-built container completes the “warehouse in a mall” concept, delivering an authentic New York street-style food experience. Food brings people together, and the Brocka experience champions a vibrant, inviting setting for every meal and special occasion.


100% Beef & Cheese Crafted with 100% top-quality beef crowned with real cheese!


Fresh Buns Daily fresh toasted buns for an assured 100% satisfaction.



100% Halal Meat They source all their meats from the finest certified Halal suppliers.


Handcrafted Fries Their double-fried, hand-cut fries come from A-grade produce.


You do not want to miss out on Brocka! Your tastebuds will never forgive you if you miss out on this food experience! So do yourself and your tastebuds a favor and hop in your car and get to Brocka!! Find them at: 100 Century Blvd, Century City

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