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Tinder Introduces New “Matchmaker” Feature for Friends’ Input

Tinder, one of the world’s most popular dating apps, is taking a bold step towards social matchmaking. The company recently launched a new feature called “Tinder Matchmaker,” which allows users to invite their friends, even if they aren’t on Tinder, to provide input on potential matches. This move aims to bring the real-life experience of friends helping friends find love into the digital dating world.

With Tinder Matchmaker, your friends or family members can weigh in on your potential matches. However, they won’t have direct control over swiping left or right, as it’s ultimately up to the user to decide if they want to match or send a Like. This feature is designed to emulate real-life conversations where friends discuss potential matches.

The process is user-friendly, and friends can participate as guests without needing a Tinder profile. To use the feature, Tinder users can start a session directly from a profile card or app settings. They receive a unique link that they can share with up to 15 friends for a 24-hour period. Friends following the link can either log into Tinder or continue as a guest, agreeing to age verification and terms. They can then recommend profiles for the user to review after the session ends.

Melissa Hobley, Chief Marketing Officer at Tinder, noted that many singles have asked their friends for help in finding matches. Tinder Matchmaker brings your trusted circle into your dating journey and helps you consider possibilities you might be overlooking from the perspective of those closest to you.

The feature is launching in several countries, including the United States, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, Spain, Thailand, United Kingdom, and Vietnam. It will expand to Tinder users globally in the coming months. This move comes at a time when younger users, especially Gen Z, are exploring friend-finding apps and more dynamic, authentic dating experiences through video and AI-powered tools.



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