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LA Farms: Greenpoint’s Premier Farm-to-Table Deli & Eatery Unveiled

Introducing LA Farms: the hotspot in Greenpoint where farm-fresh goodness meets your plate in the quirkiest ways possible. Forget the usual suspects; we’re talking about a joint that’s not just a butcher, deli, or eatery—it’s a homage to top-notch, locally sourced stuff straight from their West Coast farm, now thriving at 105 Main Road.


Picture this: LA Farms started as an online dream. Now, it’s leveling up, stepping into the real world to show off its A-game in meats and deli treats. They’re not just selling; they’re creating an experience, a journey into their farm-to-table universe. It’s a meat lover’s dream—special cuts, award-winning salami, and even organs for the truly adventurous eaters.



But hold on to your fork—this place isn’t just about the carnivorous delights. It’s a harmony between plants and animals, like some sort of culinary ecosystem. They’ve got horses herding peacefully, cows casually strolling along the beach (yep, you read that right), and bees doing their buzzing thing to whip up some raw honey. And guess what? All this goodness translates into their zero-waste philosophy, giving you treats like immune-boosting tallow and bone broth made fresh, not from a packet, but from their hearts (or rather, their kitchen) twice a week.


Let’s talk conscious living. LA Farms isn’t just about their farm; they’re about joining forces with others who share their vibes. Think organic veggies straight from Valota Farms and teaming up with nearby dairy legends.



But wait, there’s more! The eatery part of this wonderland brings their farm fare to life. Imagine your favorite comfort foods but with a twist—a Wagyu macon and egg sandwich on sourdough that’ll make you ditch your regular breakfast haunt. Burgers and steaks? Yep, they’ve got those, but with a protein punch and gut-friendly vibes, all paired with those seasonal organic veggies.


And hey, they’re not just about good food; they’re eco-warriors too. The place is designed with a mission—to reduce, reuse, and repurpose. Sustainability is their middle name, and they’ve built a space that walks the talk.

So, next time you’re in Greenpoint, swing by LA Farms. Harun and the gang are itching to share their farm’s tale and serve up their finest. Trust me, your taste buds will thank you!

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