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Zest Restaurant in Sea Point: A Culinary Oasis with Chef Pavel’s Flair!

Step into the dazzling realm of Zest! Nestled snugly in Sea Point, they boast an unrivaled vista of the majestic Atlantic Ocean, a sanctuary away from the bustling Sea Point Main Road. Forget one-off visits; this joint beckons you back until it’s practically your second home.


Their wood-fired grill steals the show, helmed by Chef Pavel, a firm believer in the magic of freshness and the power of simplicity. For them, sourcing top-notch ingredients is gospel—nothing less than the best will do.



Operating hours? Well, from Monday to Sunday, you can relish their delights from 07:00 to 23:00. Located at newkings boutique hotel, 2nd floor, Piazza Da Luz, 94 Regent Rd, Sea Point, Cape Town, they’re a flame that never dies down.


Chef Pavel, a maestro with 26 years of culinary wizardry under their belt, has waltzed through prestigious kitchens across Johannesburg and Cape Town. Their brainchild, Zest Restaurant, birthed in June 2021, is a testament to their passion for honest, egoless gastronomy.


That wood-fired grill? It’s Chef Pavel’s baby, infusing Kameeldoring wood’s embers into meats, fish, and veggies for that tantalizing wood-smoked essence. Their menu is a rollercoaster ride of Mediterranean and Asian flavors, available in small or large plates—something for every craving, be it a snack attack or a full-on feast.


The kitchen is a stage, and Chef Pavel’s team puts on quite the show. Watch them whip up culinary masterpieces while you cozy up to the kitchen counter. And let’s not forget the cocktails—each named after local landmarks—a liquid ode to this charming suburb.



Wine? Oh, they’ve got an array from boutique wineries, ensuring every palate finds its match. Plus, they proudly serve La Petite Ferme wines from Franschhoek, a pioneer move in Cape Town’s dining scene.


Events? Zest’s got you covered! Hosting a shindig or a business meet-up? Their private room, decked out with tech galore and a balcony, seats 40 and is the ace up their sleeve. From conferences to celebrations, they’re your go-to.

So, in a nutshell, Zest isn’t just a restaurant; it’s an experience—a flavorful journey into gastronomic delight and good vibes!

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